What Is The Perfect Gift For 38th Wedding Anniversary Your Question Answered!

A gift appropriate for the 38th wedding anniversary

The Jewelry Industry Council has put together a helpful list for people wondering what gift to give their spouse for the 38th or other wedding anniversary. According to the list, there are two traditional items to consider:

The beryl gemstone, long a biblical and historical favorite, is the first item on the list. The term beryl is actually somewhat misleading, as it is the scientific term for a family of gemstones. Green beryl is more commonly known as emerald and blue beryl as aquamarine. Red exists (scarlet emerald or bixbite), but the gems it forms are too small to be used in jewelry. A ring containing both emeralds and aquamarines would combine two aspects of beryl and also produce something unique and extremely beautiful.

Tourmaline is the second item appropriate as a gift for the 38th wedding anniversary. It comes in a variety of colors, the most common of which being black. Multi-colored crystals are not uncommon, which lends tourmaline a unique appearance. Think about a ring or pair of earrings containing tourmaline gems. Their beauty will surely bring a smile to the face of your wife and help remind her of your love. Read on for ideas about complementing beryl and tourmaline with flowers.

Using flowers to complement your 38th wedding anniversary gift

Jewelry is definitely a great choice, having a long-standing tradition as an ideal wedding anniversary gift. After selecting the appropriate combinations of beryl or tourmaline for the 38th, you should consider some ancillary gifts as well. Weve put together a few suggestions for your perusal:

Flowers are another tradition for this occasion, and make the perfect complement to jewelry. A bouquet of red roses is often considered the most popular choice, as it carries with it a timeless message of love that everyone recognizes and respects. Orchids are also popular due to their tropical beauty and rarity. Lilies, lilac blossoms, fresh spring flowers and even wildflowers make excellent choices, especially when combined into a decorative bouquet or basket.

A basket is a good thing to choose because of how easy it is to customize. In addition to the flowers that comprise its bulk, you can add a personalized card containing a message to your spouse. A teddy bear or some scented candles also fit in nicely. If you have any questions or would like some suggestions about a gift appropriate to a 38th wedding anniversary, feel free to call or visit your local florist for assistance.

How to order your 38th wedding anniversary gift flowers

You are no longer limited to shopping at a physical store thanks to the internet. Florists now have helpful websites that allow you to browse gifts, make purchases, and arrange for delivery without having to leave your own home. Simply head online, visit their site, and search through their inventory until you find the bouquet or floral arrangement that you think is the most suitable gift for your 38th wedding anniversary. Once youve made your choice, you can proceed to a secure order form to finalize payment and select the delivery destination. Same-day domestic delivery is guaranteed.

The delivery process is arranged so that even if youre calling from out of town, the florist will simply wire your order to the appropriate city to ensure your flowers arrive fresh and on time. If you cant be present yourself for whatever reason, a timely delivery of flowers is one way to keep your spouse happy.
Flowers make a great gift at any time of the year, and this process is available for every holiday and occasion. If you would like more information about flowers and flower delivery or gifts appropriate to a 38th wedding anniversary, please contact your local florist for assistance. Theyll be happy to help!