What Is The Best Hairstyle Design That Suits Your Body Shape

Aside from the faces shape and hairs natural texture, another consideration in choosing the best hairstyle is the body type. The design of your hairstyle should match your body shape to create the best look. The right hairstyle could help de-emphasize your prominent features, enhance your best assets and make you feel and look at your best. The hairstyle design balances with the shape of your body to create the most flattering look that you would love. The haircut made in relation to your body will give you the best overall look.

Many people are unaware that their haircut is maybe wrong for their body type. There are particular haircuts and styles that look better in a certain body type; while other hairstyles simply contrast other body types. The more advantageous body type is the medium built. Having the medium body built gives you more options of hairstyles. The only consideration that one would take in selecting the hairstyle is the shape of the face and the texture of the hair. The body type is the reason why the hairstylist always wanted to see you standing out of the styling chair during pre-hairstyle consultation.

Find out that best hairstyle that suits your body shape. Here are the dos and donts for the most common figure types:

Small and petite

Dos: keep hair loose, smooth, and neat for a professional, sleek appearance; short hair with edgy styles and definitive lines, boyish short looks, or feminine wispy styles; chin-to-shoulder length styles, styles with gentle wave patterns, medium to short length hair with layers, angles, and some height at the top of the head; sleek and sophisticated hairstyles.

Donts: big hair, hair longer than shoulder length, super short hair or much too long, heavily curled styles; avoid high ponytails, braids, pigtails, and the like.

Short, curvy and full

Dos: looks with height on top that are not too full on the sides and are not longer than the collar bone; layered, medium-length cut; try side parts and bangs for a soft, complementary look to your curves; long, wavy or curly hair.

Donts: styles that create rounded silhouettes; big hair, hair that is too short and close to the head, long and very full; round-shaped styles, like a curly, shoulder-length style with lots of height and width.

Slim and straight

Dos: medium length, wavier, or chunkier hairstyles; long bangs, layers, and angles.

Donts: too big-haired, too long, too straight and sleek hair, too short or spiky hair; add some body and curves in your hair.


Dos: haircut with volume, many lengths, and neck-length or longer; hair with enough wave to give the curves; shorter styles a bit of volume and curl can add fullness.

Donts: straight, flat styles.

Tall, athletic and large boned

Dos: medium and longer lengths that are layered; medium length style, with soft curves, “slimmer” hair, chin-length, soft, shoulder-length waves.

Donts: hair too short, overly-voluminous hairstyles or big hair, boy cuts.