What Happens During Your Wedding Reception

Normally, a wedding reception lasts for between three to five hours. To make the most of it, it is best to plan it. It is good to know in advance what you expect to happen and when you expect it to happen.

The First Hour

Wedding pictures are taken. Even if pictures were taken before the wedding ceremony, it is good to allocate some time for taking pictures at the beginning of the wedding reception. Music should be always present during the reception, and it should be started as soon as the first guests arrive. The receiving line should be in place to greet the arriving guests. Some of the most fitting songs for the introduction of the wedding party are: All you need is love by The Beatles and At last by Etta James.

The Second Hour

By this time there should be mood setting music, both the bride and groom and all the guests should have arrived. During the second hour the guests should view the bride and grooms first dance. Then, the father and daughters and mother and grooms dance should follow.

The Third Hour

By this time your hungry guests will welcome the announcement of the serving of the dinner. Usually the wedding party is seated and served first. Then, food is served to the rest of the guests. During the dinner the best man proposes the first toast.

The Fourth or Final Hours

The tossing of the brides bouquet is a popular activity for the later part of the wedding reception that is followed by the groom throwing the garter. The last dance is followed by the bride and grooms getaway. By the end of a successful reception you should have a lot of happy and full wedding guests.

Use the above timeline to prepare your wedding reception with your wedding planner and your vendors.