Wedding Invitations (indian Wedding)

Some choose not to believe but yet the saying floats around The first impression is the last. Traditional wedding in India seeks to bring out Wedding Cards as a means of Wedding Invitations, and through these invitations they try justifying the saying. Over the years, wedding cards have started to reflect the printing familys (both the grooms and the brides) moral values, beliefs, class, pride and a list of plenty other adjectives that would set up an exemplary stature for them.

Wedding Invitation Cards contain certain elements which are native to the region and culture that best define the families. For example, one might see the picturization of entities like the banana plantations down south of India, or the Durga in the east and north-east and the symbolisms of the Sikh Community in the north of India. But even though each region differs from the other and also within itself, there are common elements irrespective of the region and community. For example, Lord Ganesha is a universal element of a Wedding Card, because His prowess as a harbinger of auspiciousness to any event in the Hindu religion, has made His glory and belief cross all boundaries of diversity. Other elements such as fonts, included messages and the formality differ with respect to the taste and fondness of each family.

Due to Indias unique diversity and the open-mindedness of todays generation, each community and various religions have influenced each other heavily without having to pay the penalties of being called an infidel or a non-believer. For example, the wedding lines which appear on a Christian Wedding Card can now be seen on various contemporary wedding cards of other religions. The concept of rich embroidery and creative folding seen in Muslim wedding cards has clearly shown influence on many Hindu wedding cards. Todays generation has learnt to accept and absorb the wealth of Indian Design which has its roots in the rich heritage acquired through time.

Printing of Wedding Invitation Cards has been an age old business in India. There are special printing machines required for the task which take care of various factors other than printing; like embossing, punching, plating, etc. The price of the wedding card is determined on the basis of the complexity and skill required to make it. Card costs can range from Rs.35 to Rs.250 per card. There is a high density of card printers in regions of Delhi, Lucknow, Chennai and Kolkata. Nai Sarak in New Delhi is considered to be the biggest market of Card Printers in the country. Card printing is a very profitable business due to the sheer number of marriages that take place in the marriage seasons. To reduce load of bulk and to increase convenience, card printers today have made full use of the web and have taken their stores online. Now one can look, judge, edit, customize and order wedding cards sitting at home.

Wedding Card Invitations have been always been the face of the oncoming festivity for the distant, for the friends and for the foe. Hence, its significance always remains passive until the day arrives when one actually needs to get a bulk order done.