Use Of Wedding Rings And Its Importance In A Persons Life

A wedding ring is the symbol of love and commitment of the wedding couples towards each other; it represents an endless bonding which can never be broken. The wedding ring forms a deep bonding between the heart of the husband and the wife. The use of rings in wedding started thousands of years ago, but at that time, the man used to gift his woman with a ring; the acceptance of which made the woman a property of the man. The use of wedding rings was noticed in the Egyptian civilization for the first time; after which it was seen to be prevalent all over the world. Previously, wedding rings were mainly made of leaves or hay; the use of metal for making rings came hundreds of years later. During that time, wedding rings were used only by the women; men did not use any such rings. The use of mens rings started during the Second World War and it is prevalent till now all over the world. Nowadays, wedding rings are used extensively all over the world by every marrying couple. Choosing the right wedding ring is the most important part of marriage and people always want to give their best while buying one.

Wedding rings are worn on the 4th finger of the left hand; as it was believed previously that this finger contains the vein of love, which runs directly to the heart. Wearing a ring, gifted by the loved one on this finger linked the lover directly with the heart. People do not believe in this nowadays, but the tradition still prevails. The couples still wear the matrimonial rings on this finger. These rings create a deep bonding between the husband and the wife; and they can never ignore it as long as they wear this ring. It forms a lifelong bonding between them for the rest of their life. The wedding ring keeps the couples together for the rest of their marital life.

Choosing the perfect wedding ring is the most important part of marriage. People spend a lot of money to buy the best wedding ring available in the market for their partners. And why should they not spend this money? The ring which bonds them so deeply is worth such money. Nowadays, wedding rings are mainly made of platinum or gold; as these are the two most beautiful and costly metals, people choose them for making the rings. Various types of rings of different metals, different stones are available in the market. Among them, the diamond studded platinum rings are the most beautiful and the costliest. These rings are largely used by people in their wedding. People seldom keep in mind the matter of money in such cases; they spend large amount of money for getting the best ring. The jewelry stores that have grown up provide facilities of payment in installments, which have made buying expensive rings much easier for the people. People should never ignore the importance of wedding rings, when they have got such opportunity of buying expensive rings in installments.