The Right Hairstyle For The Right Shape Of Face

A woman’s crowning glory is her hair and the right hairstyle will complement her looks to make it even lovelier. And today’s woman is so fortunate because people are so experimental, so a few wrong hairstyles are okay until the best one is found.

Women today no longer have to be tied up to their old hairstyle forever; the principle used by hair salons in California is to emphasize the face’s strong features instead of hiding them. A haircut should bring out the best character of the face and accentuate its unique qualities. Being different is no longer viewed as odd; instead they are an expression of who a woman is.
To help explore new look possibilities here is a basic step to follow by identifying the shape of the face and learn what haircuts would best suit them. The first thing to do is to take a full face picture with the hair all brushed up, so the entire face can be seen. Study well the shape of the face and examine the entire features of the face. If a hairstylist will be asked, there are basically five face shapes: round, oblong, square, pear, diamond and heart shaped.

Hair salons in California would say that an oval faced woman is the most versatile because any hairstyle would look good at it. The only feature to be considered is whether the nose is large or small; with a large nose fluffier bangs is recommended and shorter bangs for a small nose.

Round shaped face on the other hand, needs to create an illusion of length so it is recommended to choose haircuts that will add volume on top of the head while keeping the rest of the hair near to the sides of the face.

Women with oblong shaped face usually have long and narrow features, so the idea is to make it appear wider and shorter. Haircuts that have volume at the sides and short bangs will create the illusion of a wider facial feature.

A square faced woman can use her facial features to her advantage by creating volume off the forehead and more fullness towards the chin and temples.

A pear shaped face with narrow forehead with a wide chin and jaw will look best with a fully covered forehead that is styled with volume and fullness.

A diamond shaped face has narrow forehead with wider cheekbones, so to complement the shape of the face choose a haircut that will have volume and fullness across the forehead and the hair kept close to the ears, chin and cheekbones.

A heart shaped face has a wider forehead and narrow chin, which is like the oval shaped face that can wear any hairstyle. The best haircut though would be one with volume at the jaw line and swept off bangs.