The Most Unique Wedding Favors, Koozies With Boobs

So my husband and I started the process of searching for these koozies with boobs. When we came to the website, we were excited to see the large selection and the fact that you could custom print pretty much anything on your koozie.

Now, I had to present this idea to my son and soon to be daughter-in-law. I knew my son would find the idea of koozies with boobs to be hysterical and a great wedding favor, I just did not know what to expect from his soon to be bride. To my surprise, she absolutely loved them and went on and on about how unique of a wedding favor that these koozies with boobs would be.

In all the years I have been attending weddings and all of the cheesy wedding favors I have received, if I ever would have been given a koozie with boobs, I am sure I would still have it to this day. Heck, even if we end up with a different wedding favor, which does not look very likely, I would go out and get some of these koozies just to have around the house.

Now comes the hard part. Figuring out what to get printed on these adorable little wedding favors. After all, I don’t believe that anyone in our inner circle has any experience with advertising on koozies with boobs. I guess this is a perfect opportunity to browse the internet for ideas. Wish me luck!