The 2013 And 2014 Beach Wedding Reception Dress

The wedding dresses number 27 (left) and 15th wedding gown (right), for example, meet three of the big trends for spring / summer: the romance, with which you will feel very feminine and special, the type strapless neckline, cheap plus size party dresses, very flattering and incredibly stylish, and the A-shaped silhouette, with much wider bottom than the top.

The vintage look has also come to the wedding dresses. Very popular with bloggers in your everyday style, now this style is found in the proposals for future wives, with silhouettes rescued from the 60, 70 and 80. The highlight in this vintage style long sleeves are made of lace.

In color, it breaks the traditionalism of the target to give way to a pink tone, kind blush (blush). This trend comes as a result of the beach wedding reception dress that actress Reese Witherspoon took a strapless design with sweetheart neckline and draped in a pink very special and appealing. It was signed by Monique Lhuillier.

Open your eyes and get inspired, several models can make your own with help from a seamstress who is engaged in the bridal field.

Buy wedding suit and rent the wedding dress is an option that is the order of the day. The wedding suit can always be re-used in another event, but a wedding dress?. Do not think it advisable to wear your wedding dress at another wedding!

Also, if you decide to get married again I doubt you want to repeat “dress”.

Renting a wedding dress is something truly revolutionary and economical solution compared to the cost of a new one. In Madrid, we find a store that recently completed its first year with great success and receives visits from other provinces brides.

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Do you know the trends in cheap simple beach wedding dresses in 2012? For this year 2012, the most popular wedding dresses remain the romantic air, which are adjusted to mild and sensual female form, strengthening it and making a real woman princesa.Las trends that we see in necklines will the strapless wedding dresses or strapless, asymmetrical with a single strap, and, especially, the “illusion” strapless visual, but covered by semi-transparent fabrics like chiffon or tulle micro. The latter presents an original way to create a look neckline sweet, elegant and very romantic.

On the catwalks, the line in the form of A has been the most used, which remains tight to the waist and is opening and unfolding gracefully to the ground. Also see much type peplum silhouette, big trend for this spring / summer.