Tamatori Hime Tattoos Seen On Lower Back

Tamatori hime tattoos are Japanese designs that have become famous world wide. The name refers to an ancient Japanese legend involving Tamatori hime stealing from the dragon owning king of the underwater world. Hime stole the kings most prized possession ,a precious bead and then attempted to make her escape.
The story that gave the Tamatori hime tattoos included dragons,pearls,gods and a brave woman who nearly sacrificed herself for what she saw as the greater good. Therefore there are images of bravery ,sacrifice and fighting with dragons that could be included.
Hime hears this and decides to rescue the bead,the problem being that the dragons of the lake believe what ever falls in the lake is rightfully theirs so not surprisingly they attack hime as she tries to swim free.
The dragon has a basic form that is fairly standard in terms of body shape and head design but this still allows plenty of variation.
As you can see from the above design the picture is fairly basic but still is clear and looks very powerful, also it covers the whole back, shoulder and almost down the arm as well. The background is also basic but effective, it includes smoke and flame and also indicates movement.
Different focuses could be the princess in the Tamatori hime tattoos,she is shown swimming or fighting with the dragons. She is often shown as a powerful focus point and as a heroine figure, almost sacrificing herself for what she believed in.
The designs can include the water and the scenery as well as other animals as well as the dragons. The self sacrifice and bravery is important to the scene as well.
The dragon is probably the most common part of the Tamatori hime tattoo probably as it can be drawn in so many ways and can be as small or as large as you wish. There are also possibilities for colour and background as well as how the dragon is shown.
As always do your research on both the designs and the person who will apply the designs. Study the characters for their meanings and history and then design your image,with work you could end up with a special and striking design.