Top 5 Men Fashion Accessories Of The 21st Century

Fashion has taken a giant leap in the last couple of decades or so. One used to associate fashionable garments and accessories with young girls and chic women. But the trend has clearly changed for the better. Now, men are also getting a taste of what fashion is all about. So, a handsome youthful guy is expected to have a fair amount of knowledge about attires, designers and accessories. An accessory is something which can help you reinvent yourself. Even if you do not have the most muscular body or even if your appearance is one of a nerd, you can always bank on these products to help you look refined and suave.

Here are the top men fashion accessories which you must invest in:

i. Watches: It is true that mobile phones and other tech gadgets have made the use of a wrist watch pretty much redundant. Since we always carry our phone with us, we do not need to rely on a watch to tell us the time. So, some men are doing away with their old habits of sporting a watch. However, this is a major fashion mistake since a cool-looking watch can really bring out the best in you. A colorful wrist watch can make you appear boyish while a metallic one can give you that masculine edge. Make sure that you have at least a couple of these accessories to help you impress that crush of yours!

ii. Belts: Do your homework carefully while shopping for a belt! You may think that its sole purpose is to prevent your pants from falling off! On the contrary, a classy belt can give you that gentlemanly look when you head for your office or even when you go to a party.

iii. Shoes: When it comes to men fashion accessories, shoes still rule the roost. Countless articles and blogs have been written over the significance of a pair of shoe. Some even say that a man is truly defined by the kind and quality of shoe he wears. Of course, a shoe is a necessity since you cannot quite walk bare-footed all over your town. But it also serves as an accessory as it gives you the chance to exercise choices. Ideally, you must have 4-5 pair of shoes for different occasions. The one you wear to your work place needs to be sober and classy, while the one you wear on your date can be colorful and chic.

iv. Gloves: Gloves are less popular amongst the masses, but they can really make you feel supremely confident. While anybody can buy a pair of gloves, you should do so mandatorily if you ride bikes. Spiked and leather-made black gloves can make a biker look irresistibly handsome.

v. Neck Tie: A tie is one of the most underrated men fashion accessories. But it can easily accentuate your looks and give fresh dimensions to your persona. It can make you look mature, and it can also make you look handsome!