Interesting Wedding Night Rituals From Around The World

Weddings are occasions of lasting traditions and rituals. All over the world, people’s beliefs, culture and history has affected this memorable event. It is common knowledge that wedding ceremonies are different all over the world, but did you know that the diversity extends even on the wedding night? Read this to know the interesting activities that couples, families and friends do before letting the newlyweds reach a night of wedding bliss!

It is customary in an American wedding for the bride and groom to hop into a get-away car with tin cans attached to the rear of the car, off to their secret honeymoon, immediately after the wedding. Did you know that this rooted from escaping a Celtic wedding night tradition?

In Gaelic cultures, it was a tradition for friends and family of the couple to mess with the couple’s wedding night. In the olden days, when couples spend their wedding night in a barn, girl friends of the bride would dress her for bed and ask each of the male guests to kiss her good night. The friends would do other things to prevent the groom from seeing her new wife. Even if the couple finally comes together, they would disturb the union by making noise outside the barn and even peep into the couple, while drinking the night away. The couple waits for everyone to get too drunk to eventually leave them alone. This kind of prank is something that newly weds want to get away from, thus, they keep their honeymoon destination a secret and speed away after the wedding.

More Celtic wedding night ritual come from Scotland: sleeping in the barn on the first night, sprinkling water on the marriage bed for luck and staying for a week with the bride’s parents before moving into the newlywed’s home.

The Germans and the French do a similar tradition of “disturbing” the wedding night, called Chiverie, known in the US as Shivaree. They make noise outside the place where the couple spends their first night together. Some even play around with the room where they will stay, like put plenty of balloons, spread food all over the bed, and hide alarm clock everywhere, just for fun.

The Romans believed that it was bad fortune when the bride stumbles when entering the newlywed’s house for the first time. Thus, after the wedding, male friends of the couple would carry her over the doorstep. At present, the groom is expected to do the job himself.

In Benin, western Africa, they value virginity. The bride’s mother rewards her with cash if she’s a virgin at their wedding night! In the morning, the sheets that the couples used are inspected for bloodstains. Some mothers even fly the flag out the window, showing off their daughter’s bloodstained nightgown. Seriously!

For the Chinese, at the night of the wedding, candles designed with a phoenix and a dragon is lit to drive the evil spirit away. The newlyweds will drink wine from goblets tied together with a red ribbon, while arms intertwined. Then the bride will be given half-raw dumplings, which symbolize prosperity.

Marquesasian (from Polynesia) brides have a notable wedding night ritual: they are expected to have sex with all the male guests and then saving the groom for last. Now that can make your wedding night … extremely unforgettable!

Men’s Shoes And Clothes Collocation

Shoes, clothing not only against the background of the overall United States, and make people more upright and handsome. Since shoes are an important part of the overall apparel, so what clothing with it can appears to beauty? Handsome boys life is always full of surprises and color, they had a great casual, wearing a very stylish, and you will naturally attract the attention of many people.

Hot suit brought men’s leather shoes in the heat. Generous young men dressed in crisp suits and participate in social activities, and if wearing rubber sole youth style, Dutch shoes, do not meet the matching requirement, and should wear a head-shaped tip, foundation light, new style shoes.

Tourism Services requirements relaxed and comfortable to fit with, it is necessary to wear shoes. Shoes’ lining uses the sheepskin or the suede, the shoe sole soft and the rich ball, not only the design is new, modeling US, moreover light and soft, comfortable, stands wear. The traveling matches the traveling clothing, was really again appropriate.

Now tapered trousers are popular, pointed shoes match oval. The bell-bottomed trousers match only then appear with the leather shoes the height leg long, lively natural. The cone-shape slot then trousers, must match the facile tip leather shoes. Jeans should match with high waist and blue canvas shoes. The shoes and the trousers harmonious key, is the shoes and the trousers is coordinated. Bring like bulbs in the library reading academic boys, always think of Plaid pattern, a simple shirt and jeans with their most common style, casual jacket and Timberland sneakers is all one, obediently , low-key appearance, though not those handsome eye-catching, but also popular part of the girls like.

The modern clothing is fastidious about color, the shoes and socks are not exceptional. The most orthodox, most likely the color coordination is pants, socks, shoes, the same color combination, the three color solemn occasions, and even more so. The trousers and the shoes may department; the sock color is different. This is in the city popular slightly obviously; the casual one kind match colors the way. Also, as a color pants, shoes and socks with the same color. This combination is more popular and better able to highlight the personality. In addition, the pants are one kind of color; the shoes and the sock use the homochromy department. This kind of combination more popular can also highlight the individuality.

Dresses up for the success, is the clothing men’s wisdom choice and the essential goal.