-All About Plus Size Clothes

The current market is over-saturated with unhealthy marketing strategies that promote women who have a wafer thin body. Advertisements proudly publicise these wafer thin women as the icon of beauty. Most women are not blessed with a size zero physique and as such it becomes extremely necessary to provide clothes in all shapes and sizes. There are many women around the world that need clothes that are in medium or extra large sizes. Generally the sizes 14 to 16 are considered to be the starting point of plus size clothes.

Plus size clothes in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom or UK, there are over sixty-five brands that serve clothing lines to plus-size women. Most of them are companies that are also international. Examples of a few well-known brands that have plus size clothes available include:

Spirito di Artigiano
Feminine Plus

Specialist plus size brands include:

Alain Weiz (France)
Anathea (France)
Be The Queen (France)
Chalou (Germany)
Elena Grunert (Germany)
Elena Miro (Italy)
Jomhoy (Spain)
Kirsten Krog (Denmark)
Marina Rinaldi (Italy)
Persona (Italy)
Tummy Tuck (USA)
Verpass (Germany)
Wille (Germany)
Youk (Netherlands)

The words ‘plus size dresses’ forms the picture of larger women. In most places it is difficult to find dresses such as these, to fit the large women in an elegant and stylish way.

Some of the brands above have made the fashion of plus size women extremely modern and chic. No longer are the curvy women of today only restricted to flowery petal clothes. You can wear flattering stylish dresses that are designed for you, keeping in mind the different aspects of your shape.

Different types of dresses may include:

Halter neck dresses,
Belted tube dresses
Dresses with sequins,
Dress with lace and/or ruffles.

Currently, dresses that are available for the regular sized women are available for plus sized women as well.

Tips and suggestions to choose the right Plus size clothes for you

Full figured women are beautiful and it is important to keep in mind:

Choosing comfortable clothing

There is no need to be embarrassed when shopping for clothes

Do not wear oversized clothes to hide your curves because you look good when you show yourself

Choose suitable underwear as well, as this forms the foundation for every item of clothing

Online purchase

When you are buying clothes online, choose the correct size. There are size charts available on the Internet. When you wear clothes that are bigger in size than your normal build, it can make you look shorter and bigger.

Online lingerie in every size is available as well. If you want to tuck in your tummy and look slimmer, you may choose to wear a corset or other underneath clothing that is available.

Keep in mind that different clothing lines in plus sizes have different measurements, just as regular clothing does.

It is important therefore that you refer to the proper sizing charts of the respective company. This is vital, especially for those who are ordering online.

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