The Impact of Technology On Dating

Online dating has been around for a while now and everyone will agree that it has been a game changer for many singles looking for relationships.

Since the advent of Tinder, singles have had access to hundreds of other singles nearby making the dating game much easier than it used to be.

The most acknowledged change the internet has brought to the dating scene is that relationships move quicker.

How Technology is Changing Dating - PsychAlive

When you get into a relationship with someone over the internet these days, it quickly becomes about “going public,” because if you are together, why shouldn’t the internet world know? It’s the same case as conventional offline dating where you make it known to the offline community who your partner is.

The adoption of technology into the dating scene has changed the way we connect and converse with potential suites. The advent of smart smartphones makes us always reachable, social media allows the online community to know us even before we meet, and dating apps expose us to a lot of options for a suitable partner or partners.

If you’re interested in finding love via the web, here’s a go ahead. Over a third of the American couples who married between 2005 and 2012 met online.

If you’re not sure what sites or apps to use, US-reviews online reviews will help decide on what platforms to use and noteworthy tips to help with finding the perfect match for you.

Has Technology Changed Dating?

While there are a few downsides to online dating such as unhealthy obsession which can be destructive to relationships, the impact of technology is more on how we date rather than changing the way in which we date.

Dating apps have grown relentlessly. Worldwide spend was £234m in 2016, but nearly double that — £448m — in 2017, says app research firm App Annie.

However the reality behind the success of the technological advancement of dating is often not as it seems. Some people believe that the success of online dating is as a result of the fact that we’re lazy and prefer to socialise without putting any effort, but the reality is far deeper than laziness.

In a world where everyone is struggling to survive, one less problem to our list of worries in our struggle for survival is worrying about the kind of partner we want to have and how we can reach out to them.

Today, everyone is constantly running and pursuing success, money, and stability. Finding job security and stability whilst maintaining a lifestyle is extremely difficult

To merge all that together and still worry about a relationship is suicidal!

Nowadays, everyone is juggling several jobs or doing freelance in order to pay the bills. No one has the time or energy to head to the bar and strike a conversation with a stranger when Social media apps like Tinder or dating sites and apps allow us to meet people more easily.

If we’re being honest, with all the pressure from survival in today’s world, online dating has practically been a game changer. In fact, it has many benefits for long distance relationships.