Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

On your wedding day, you will be surrounded by family and friends, photographers, and of course the lucky guy! Every woman wants the perfect wedding hairstyle. When you look at your wedding picture ten years from now, you want to think on fond memories and love. You don’t want to be thinking, ‘Of all days to have a bad hair day!’ There are some things you will want to consider when choosing how to wear your hair for your special day.

Face Shape : 1. Oval – If the shape of your face is oval, then you can pretty much get away with anything! You will look great in short, medium or long hair, and either an up-do or wearing your hair down will look great! 2. Round – If your face is as wide as it is long, you’ll want to make it appear longer and thinner. You can achieve this by wearing your hair down in a multitude of layers, or with fullness and height at the crown. You can also part your hair off center to achieve this. 3. Rectangular or Oblong- If you have a long chin or high forehead, you’ll want to balance out the length of your face. An up-do with soft, wispy bangs will do the trick. You should avoid long hair as it will make your face seem longer.

Wedding Themes : 1. Midsummer Wedding – If you’re planning your wedding outdoors around midsummer, a beautiful time for weddings, you may want to opt for an up-do. While you’re saying your ‘I do’s,’ you want to be blinded by love, not the hair that the wind is blowing into your eyes! Dainty beautiful flowers fastened into your hair would be gorgeous.

2. Victorian Wedding – Elegant antique lace napkins, detailed tea cups and saucers and scroll-type place settings combine to make a beautiful wedding. You should choose to go with a traditional Victorian up-do, high at the crown of the head with no bangs. Another great idea is to do a partial up-do in a sophisticated knot with the rest of your hair hanging down in ringlets.

3. Hawaiin Wedding – Assuming you’re having your wedding outside, a good idea is to have your hair swept to one side and fastened well, and placing an exotic flower on the opposite side.

Your wedding hairstyle will be entirely up to you, but this is a good guide to follow to help make your perfect day even more memorable.

David Yu – writes about Short Hairstyles.

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