Silk Scarves And Clothes Tips On Perfect Color Match

Silk scarves are a nice touch for your clothes. But how to find a right color choice is a problem for most women. You could find your favorite color match for your silk scarves and clothing.

Green is the representation of trees or forest which gives you a feel of nature world. Based on the contrast color rules, the green clothes coupled with orange silk scarves can associate it with the flowers in the tropical forest. If you like the contrast color match, the brown scarf can go well with green clothing and it looks peaceful and elegant. The light green, red, and yellow are three basic colors so you can also refer to that combination.

Red could be associated with blood or the source of life and it also represent the consciousness of strong self independence. The combination of red, yellow and gray is a classic match for the similar color rule. This match works if you want to highlight the light gray or dark gray silk scarf. The yellow contrast shows the dynamic. The active of red and the passive of gray create a sense of balance so it unexpectedly demonstrates a distinctive trendy sweet. Red to red is the basic color match with the similar color rule. But for the red, it will make a strong effect.

Yellow is the color for sunshine which symbolizes active and easy outgoing. The yellow and blue is a classic example of the contrast color between hot color tone and the cold one. The strong yellow shows the emphasis on self-assertion but a blue silk scarf can add a balanced touch. If you feel difficult to match yellow and dark blue, you can tie the scarf with a necktie knot which gives you the feel of lively and humor. The positive attitude of yellow and the steady of pink seem inappropriate. However, it can give you an impression of happy and fantasy if you choose bright light yellow and light pink.

Pink is a symbol of winter sweet and the impression of sweet and happy. The pink clothes enhance the feel of sweet and happiness but people feel the loss of themselves. If go with a black scarf, it can make up that loss. The pink scarf is a basic match with a pink dress. If there is a bit gray touch on the silk scarf, it can give you the calm and elegant impression. If a pink dress goes with a brown scarf, it will bring the winter blossom into your imagination and show the beauty of the nature.

Black shows heavy, intense, and the impression of suppressed while white represents purity, peace and the feel of stable. Because white and black belong to non-color series, they can be the best coordinated colors. If black matches with non-color, it will give you a mystery sense of Chinese ink painting. However, it will present a feel of trendy modern city if black is combined with the three primary colors. White can show a cool, calm, and gentle feeling if match with light tone color. But it could give a cheerful feeling if go with a strong color. Even the purple which is difficult to match with other colors can achieve a perfect result with white.

You could try one of the color match and see which one is perfect for you.