Should You Get Traditional Or Custom Tattoo Designs

If youre sure you want a tattoo, then go ahead and get inked. Obviously, youve also considered the time and cost of this. Now, you need to decide whether you want a custom tattoo design or a traditional tattoo design.

If you choose a traditional design, you can find a good one in any tattoo shop anywhere in the world you may be. You can find good standard designs in books in tattoo shops.

Choose a shop while strolling down a street, go through the books there and youll soon find your favored choice of design. If you see an attractive picture in a magazine or on the Net, print out a picture of it and have it inked in a tattoo shop.

Though most people go in for traditional tattoos, they arent eye-catching because they are usually quite plain. Many people choose a custom tattoo design, and these people are usually creative types. For them, sporting a tattoo is a way of showing to the world an external manifestation of themselves.

Star tattoos or crosses, for example, are common tattoo designs people often opt for, but they become special when you personalize or customize them to suit your individual style. If youre interested in having a star pattern customized for you, you can achieve this by hosting an online custom tattoo design contest.

By hosting a tattoo design contest, you stand to gain unlimited versions of one custom tattoo design. All you need do is to go to the site and host a contest by describing your design and offering the creator of the best design a prize. At the end of two weeks, you will get a minimum of 10 custom tattoo designs created specifically for you to choose fromeach based on your basic idea.

During each step of the drawing, the artists keep in touch with you since they want you to choose their design as the best. If you use the Net to comment on their designs, they will respond to you. You can also tell them on the Net that you like one part of one design and another of another design and they will read your comments and make the necessary changes to their design.

By working for you, they invest in themselves, so these artists will work very hard for you in order to showcase their designs on your body. The higher your prize money, the more artists will be drawn to your custom design contest. Usually, the minimum prize in tattoo design contests is $35. At the end of the contest, the winner is paid by PayPal or any other payment mode. At this stage, your artist will give you a stencil of your design to take to a tattoo shop to have inked there.

You can find traditional tattoo designs in a nearby tattoo shops. If you host a custom tattoo contest, you can get the pattern of your choicewhether stars or crossesdesigned in a way youve never seen before.