Short Hair Styles or Short Hair Cuts – Try it this Season

Easy Short Hair Styles – Try it this Season

Finding easy short hair styles is kind of the ‘Holy Grail’ for busy women, right? Who wouldn’t love a beautiful wash-and-go style for today’s hectic daily life. But truly easy hair styles – whether you have short, medium, or long hair – are few and far between. Even cuts that look like they’d be easy to manage usually require at least some work.

Still, there are a couple of shorter hair styles that are pretty easy to maintain. The first is the classic bob cut. Now, being graced with straight hair is a distinct advantage when it comes to easily maintaining short hair. No doubt about it! But a good stylist can help you get a workable bob that will greatly reduce the time you spend messing with your hair in the mornings before you head out. Nothing beats straight bangs and few if any layers for quick and easy maintenance. If you’re considering your first foray into short hair styles, the bob should definitely be at the top of your list.

If you’re willing to go really short, an extreme pixie or shag is the easy ticket. When cut to shorter lengths, these two styles are about as low maintenance as any hair style can be. But be careful! Get with a brutally honest stylist with lots of experience creating really short hair styles. Take his/her advice to heart! These short styles – while they are easy and enticing – simply look bad on women with certain face shapes and/or facial features.

For those with curly hair, finding easy short hair styles is tougher. The good news is that curls thrive and hold their curves better in shorter styles. The bad news is that there really isn’t a truly easy short style for curly hair. They all take a bit of work on a daily basis (unless you find a way to survive without sleeping). The best advice with short curly hair is to save time in your daily preparation routine. And ask a trusted stylist for his/her input. They will have lots of tips and tricks to make your short hair style as easy as possible to manage.