Sexy Tattoo Ideas For Women – Classy Yet Sexy Feminine Tattoos

The first thing you want to think about is what you want in a tattoodo you want a specific shape or graphic, or something that is a tattoo artists original design? Or maybe you want a word or character, whether in English, another language with Roman characters, or something in Gaelic, Chinese, or Russian, for example. The best advice is just to be creative and have fun with thisits all up to you, after all.

Based on what specific image you have in mind, that will be related to where you will want to put itfor example, you wouldnt want a tattoo of angel wings on your face, would you? On your back, though, thats a completely different story. One idea thats really popular right now is to get a ring of flowers or a word or phrase spelled out tattooed around your belly button, waist, wrist, or ankle.

Other locations which are less image-specific which are really hot right now include the upper chest, inner thigh, hand, hip, lower back, upper back, back of neck, shoulder (front or back), and toes and fingers.

Some classic images for women have always been hearts and flowers. With the talent and creativity of todays tattoo artists (and yourselves!), though, almost anything is possible. Particularly interesting when designing or selecting the perfect tattoo for you is the wide variety of colors from which you can choose. Theres also different kinds of ink out there from which you can choose, depending on what youre looking for.

One thing thats really great about tattoos is how much freedom you have when you make your selection(s). Since tattoos can be about expressing yourself to the world, if you can dream it, a talented tattoo artist can make it yours.

The most important thing about the decision process, however, is that you have fun with it. Knowing what you want is part of what makes you unique, but you dont have to go it alonehence why there are tattoo ideas for women available here!