Sexy And Feminine Tattoo Designs For Ankle Tattoos

Have you ever noticed how incredibly sexy ankle tattoos look on women? You see I think many people missed the boat by getting lower back tattoos instead. Ankle tattoos are every bit as sexy if not even sexier then lower back tattoos and they are not as over played and boring. Ankle tattoos are a great tattoo for a first trimmer or someone that already has a lot of tattoos. They are discreet and easy to cover up or show off depending on the situation, they lend themselves to smaller more feminine designs, and typically very inexpensive to design and get inked.

Discreet and Irresistible
You see that many women today have gotten the lower back tattoo right? One reason that this is so popular of a tattoo location is that it is partially hidden from view. The fact that only part of it is revealed can peak a person’s curiosity to want to see more. Well ankle tattoo are exactly the same way. They can easily be covered all the way up with a pair of tall socks. Or a female might decide to be more flirty and reveal some of the ankle tattoo while keeping some of it covered up for mystery.

Smaller In Size
Typically ankle tattoos are smaller in size due to their location and the amount of skin to cover. However, this can be used to the benefit of the female getting this incredible tattoo. They can design some sexy, cute and smaller tattoo design. So it is just a hint or splash of color and design that peeks out. Typically women tend to get much smaller and more intricate tattoo designs then men and therefore an ankle tattoo is the perfect place.

Inexpensive To Get Designs And Tattooed
Typically since ankle tattoos are smaller they will often cost a lot less then other tattoos. They are easy to design and typically even the most ornate ones are very inexpensive to have designed professionally. There is also a lot of flash available for ankle tattoos which can further help the speed and expense of designing such a tattoo. It will typically cost between $50 to $150 to get a custom design done for an ankle tattoo and the overall tattoo might only take a few hours to get done and can often be done in one sitting. Prices will vary depending on the experience of the tattoo artist but should range from $50 to $200.

Common Ankle Tattoo Themes
There are many different designs but some of the more common themes that work well on the ankle area are circular designs.

Celtic knot work
Tribal designs that look feminine

No matter what design or style you choose you are sure to end up having a great tattoo if you choose an ankle tattoo. They are sexy and make a wonderful tattoo. Due to their location they are often a long lasting tattoo that required little maintenance over time.