Scorpion Tattoos Designs – What Type Of Artwork Should You Look For

The scorpion tattoo design is probably one of the most attractive tattoos inked today. They are usually quite intricate and have a somewhat sinister meaning behind them. The problem with using a scorpion as the subject of your tattoo design is that it requires more thought and planning than many other designs. The reason for this is due to the extreme complexity in their body structure.

The reason people choose the scorpion as a subject for tattoo design is the somewhat frightening image it portrays. This is due to their association with deadly stings and the use of them in many scary movies. There is a real reason to fear scorpions. Scorpions are related to the arachnid family (spiders) and as such are sometimes deadly. In addition to this they have many moving parts. The way they move and articulate seems somewhat unnatural to us and we see this as frightening.

These qualities are also what make this particular tattoo design difficult to render in tattoo ink. To make a scorpion tattoo design look natural and realistic one needs to look at artwork with the following qualities.

1) Make sure that the artwork you are considering has plenty of detail. Scorpion tattoos should have all the leg joints and the segments in the tail accurately reproduced. The pincers (claws) should show realistic crablike appearance.

2) A scorpion can be of almost any color so when reproducing the design as a tattoo just make sure that bright colors are used. Use plenty of stripes or patterns in the design to replicate the actual camouflage markings.

3) Consider the size of your design. Obviously, the smaller the artwork, the less detail you can incorporate into the design. Choose a large area on the body and make good use of it. This is one of the pieces of artwork that must be placed on a large part of the body like a shoulder blade or the back.

I hope these tips are useful in guiding you to a decision. Always remember that any tattoo is an expression of yourself and should portray the meaning you want it to.