Say farewell to single from your head-the sweet hair style

Our hair style play an important role in the first impression, so, should pay attention to this. Do you want to say farewell to single, the first impression is very important. As the says goes, a well begin is half done, today, I want to say that a wonderful and sweet hair style is also half done. Some times it may half the work with double results. So, how to make sweet hair styles before date. First, prepare work. I have to mention again, that every girl should have some tools to make hair style by ourselves, it is unnecessary to make every hairstyles in the barber, and it is a waste of money(it should count others, if you do dot care of it), and what’s more, the time is limited sometimes, so, we should have tools of ourselves and make simple hair styles by ourselves. The first thing we have to is a flat iron, as far as I concerned, the chi flat iron are well designed and convenient to use. Then I will teach you how to make sweet hair styles. With the help of flat iron, to make the hair on the two sides of checks smooth, this will make you looks very kind. Then to make heliciform curls on the end of the hair, this will make you looks more smart and active. So, the first time he saw you will think you are tender and beautiful. If you have bang, you should use the flat iron to make it more natural, do not to close to the forehead, or to straight, it should a little partial to one side. Then make big curls from the shoulder. This style of hair is both for quiet and active, the key is the shoulder curls which should very bright so that it will make you skin on your neck looks more white and transparent. As for those girls whose hair is not much enough, we should not keep the hair to cloth to our head skin, on the other hand, we should make the hair looks a litter mess, especially on the skull which will help you to cover the shorts of hair, and pay attention that never make your hair as parts directly0, which will make you shin on the top of your head very clearly. Then, the large curls are also necessary. No matter what kind of hair style you want to make, the principles are never change: adopt your good points and avoid your shortcomings. That is you should choose hair styles on the basis of yourself, and consider which one is the most suitable for you.