Romanian Wedding Arrangements

We are from Romania and have a great pleasure to present you the Romanian wedding flower arrangements and special bouquets made by us.

For a wedding, there are some special arrangements to make or buy from a flower shop. The most important and also popular is the bridal bouquet. It is different in accordance with the desire and common sense of the bride or her favorite flowers and, of course, with the financial possibilities of the godfather. Because, I dont know how it happens in the other countries and cultures, but here in Romania the bridal bouquet is in his charge. The godfather also pays the two wedding candles. The godparents nominate a best man and a bridesmaid who have to carry on the candles, following the bridegroom from his place to the brides house and then during the religious ceremony. These are special candles, made by wax with an wooden rod integrated inside used for give stability and for the candle not to inflect because of the warmth. They are 1,5 meters in length, with floral arrangements attached on the above part. So called wedding candles are lighted in church by the priest and symbolize the godparents wish for them to be protected by the Christian light all them life together.The candles arrangements must have the same shape, following an identical style and also to assort with the bridal bouquet and with the entire wedding style and spirit. This is a part of our work:

There are candles with diverse colors and shape, but in fashion is the simplest flat white candle. Thus the floral arrangement is the point of attraction. For create a wedding candle you need experience and courage and imagination too. Its the same practice that is used in the bridal bouquet, with mention that youll need more leaves and vegetal material. The easiest and the most popular method is that of using the floral foam special created for wedding candles. It has to be knot at 30 centimeters from the top of the candle. Then wire the leaves in accordance with the chosen style (round, irregular, flowing, spiral etc.) and finally stick the flowers. You can also use a ribbon made from an appropriate material to decorate the candles or to cover the part of the vegetal material that it has not to be seen.

Beside the bouquet, the florist can create for the bride other floral arrangements, little pieces of wedding accessories. A natural stylish bride can wear on her head a coronet made by natural flowers. Also her wedding bag can be decorated with a mini floral arrangement, a piece of her bouquet.

As the bride does, the godmother has a special floral bouquet too. This one can be totally different from the bridal bouquet. For make it, the florist has to know what the godmothers favorite flowers are and what the color of her dress is, because the bouquet has to fit her very well. Also the flower designer gives her advices concerning of bouquets dimension, form and style, so that it will mark out her body lines.

The bridesmaid has a bouquet too. Here came in Romania too the trend of the wrist corsage for bridesmaid, because she need her hands free to carry one of the wedding candles too. It can be round or irregular form or flowing, made from mini flowers wired one by other and tied by her hand with ribbon.

The cockades are a part of the wedding too. These are special mini arrangements made usually by one single flower or by many little flowers, artificial or even natural flowers. If they are naturals, it has to be the lasting ones. The most popular flowers used as cockades are roses, mini roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, santinies. For create these, the florist has to have dexterity, and also endurance, because its a meticulous work.

Its about a real practice: he has to cut the flower stem at 5 centimeters from the top and then to annex a leaves or gypsopgila and knot them with a very strait ribbon. He can also assort a fibrous or soft material behind. There are now special cockades holders which have easier the florist work. The bridegrooms cockade is different than the others, being considered a piece of the bridal bouquet. Its the bridesmaid job to fix them head-on the guests.

In Romania we inherit an ancient ritual of decorating the wedding tree that is celebrated even now in countryside. It can be garnished with artificial flowers but the tradition says that its good to use natural flowers, because of its symbolism. The tree suggests the youth and virility and its decoration with natural flowers means the opulent livelihood of the future family.
There are, as in many other sides, several types of flower arrangements, like those for wedding tables, for decorating the church, for cars etc.

All the arrangements have been made at Fiore Flower Shop | Romania | Constanta