Proof Of Psychopathic Records Fans Devotion Juggalo Tattoos

It doesnt take much brainpower to think of all the bands throughout history that have had such an impact on their fans lives that they inspire tattoos. Grateful Dead and their famous skull and bear logos should be one of the first bands that comes to mind, followed closely by the Rolling Stones and their ubiquitous tongue symbol.

My point is, tattoos commemorating musical artists are nothing new. However, tattoos commemorating a record label are rare, except for in the case of horror rap record label Psychopathic Records. Juggalo tattoos run rampant. And whats most interesting about them isnt that they exist, but that the tattoos more often than not are paying tribute to the Psychopathic Records movement via the hatchetman, not any particular Psychopathic Records artist.

Many tattooed Juggalos will be happy to know that theres no need to fantasize about images of Juggalettes with tattoosimages of Juggalettes with tattoos are everywhere because Juggalettes are just as covered in Psychopathic Records tattoos as are their tattooed Juggalo counterparts.

So what do images of Juggalettes with Juggalo tattoos say about Psychopathic Records? Primarily that Psychopathic Records is more than a record label; its a movement.

Anyone with any emotional connection to Psychopathic Records will tell you that beyond the horror rap music, followers do things like get Juggalo tattoos or pose for Juggalette images with Juggalo tattoos because they feel that Psychopathic Records is an extension of their biological family. Psychopathic Records followers all feel misunderstood and unfit for mainstream society. Yet when they get together, at events like Gathering of the Juggalos, all of this anxiety melts away.

As you can see, following Psychopathic Records is a lifestyle. Its such a powerful lifestyle that Juggalos and Juggalettes rarely think twice before getting Juggalo tattoos, or proudly displaying their ink in Juggalette images.

But if the Juggalo tattoos present in Juggalette images and online and in person dont feature the symbol from any one artist, what could the symbol be? Answer: The famous hatchetman. The hatchetman is Psychopathic Records mascot. This little cartoon of a character running with a hatchet is been featured in so many Juggalo tattoos and Juggalette images that he might be more famous than some of the artists on the Psychopathic Records roster!

While all this is good and well, it raises another question. In the age of social media, is posting Juggalette image of you and your girlfriends with Juggalo tattoos on Facebook the smartest thing to do in 2012? Years ago, those with Juggalo tattoos could keep them hidden forever if they so desired. Thats still the case today, but one slip online and your Juggalo tattoo could prevent you from excelling in the professional world. Is this possible side effect of concern to those with Juggalo tattoos? Sound off in the comments!