Non-floral Centerpieces For The Wedding Reception

The day of the most important event in your lifetime is nearing – your own wedding. Everybody is in a rush and tense most especially you. Your wedding budget is limited and as you have just figured out, there is a danger that you might exceed in your expenses. There has to be some cost cutting somehow. You look at the menu and it looks like it is already a complete set that it would be hard to remove an item. It is important in your wedding reception that the menu is just right. Now where can we find something to save on money. It has not occurred to many that there are non floral wedding centerpiece ideas that are elegant and a whole lot cheaper. Everybody wants to make their wedding the greatest day of their lives but it doesnt mean that the centerpiece for the wedding reception should always be with flowers. There is no rule that says you can’t do it without flowers. The only rule is that the centerpiece for the wedding reception should be elegant, impressive, a beauty to behold. There should be a touch of creativity to it. If one is able to do that without flowers while saving on money, then that’s the best thing to do. No one would ever think that you used a non floral centerpiece for cost cutting purposes. Here are some great ideas:

Adorn it with fruits. Fruits can easily take the place of flowers. Moreover, fruits of different kinds evoke a feeling of abundance, naturalness, feasting, and celebration. The different colors and contrast of the fruits gives a glaring and vivacious feeling fit for weddings.

How about harvest. Harvest seasons are times for celebrations. We can arrange farm harvest in such a nice way to evoke that feeling of joy after the harvest. Moreover, harvests signify prosperity and abundance for the newly weds.

Herb Garden Centerpiece. An herb garden centerpiece is a brilliant idea because it projects a feeling of wholesomeness and health. There is a kind of quiet harmony and wellbeing that it evokes.

Do it with rocks and fountains. There are numerous decorative rocks and fountains with which to create your wedding masterpiece. It’s unique and appear expensive but you can actually rent them. The good thing is that if you choose to buy, you can reuse it. You can easily give your living room that natural and relaxing scenery.

You might want to go on a seascape centerpiece. It’s unique, it’s creative, it’s fresh and creates a feeling of permissiveness and merrymaking. It will surely break the ice. Guests will immediately comment on your novel theme.

If majority of your wedding guests come from a single area, they would surely be surprised if you make a miniature of the area where they came from. For example, you might want to make a miniature of your office building and it’s environment. Or you might want to create a miniature of the romantic place where you first met. You can miniature anything that would create a howl of appreciation from your guests once they recognize it.

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons. Ribbons are like flowers in the feelings that they stir up but they do not pretend to be replacements for flowers. They stand alone in their category. Ribbons of different colors and patterns and sizes contributes to the glamour of the occasion. You can easily contrive an elegant design with ribbons, which are very cheap but glamorous looking.

That techy look. If you want to have that ultra modern techy look, you may use props such as mirrors, computers, high tech gadgets, and imitate that space-look. You have to follow up these themes on your tables, curtains, and venue.

Adorn it with baby things. The greatest anticipation after the wedding is having a baby. If you are on the family way, why not design your wedding centerpiece with baby toy and props. If you are not on the family way, baby props suggests a sweetness and joy of soon having to have your own family.
If you are planning to have a unique wedding party, such as beach wedding, forest wedding, or any other thematic wedding, it is best to prepare your centerpiece for your wedding reception based on the theme including the cake too.

If you have scheduled your wedding on a special holiday, your centerpiece theme can take on the design of the holiday such as Christmas, the 4rth of July, Halloween, New Year and others. It will make your wedding day double special because it coincided with the holiday.

If you have collections in your house or you have friends who you can borrow collections from, then that would be the best. Do you have a friend who collects bonsai plants? Adorning your centerpiece with expensive bonsai trees would really induce wows from all your guests. Do you have your own antiques collection or do you have a friend who you can borrow from? This would be a right moment to show off your wares without spending so much. Crystals are perfect theme for your wedding reception centerpiece. They can come in different shapes and sizes yet they all bring in the classic air of finesse and fine dining. Dolls can really be good as it will create smiles from the guests. If you have a collection of different dolls around the world or even dolls from the oldest to the most modern, people will be attracted in your centerpiece and would linger around it for a while. Elegant decorations of different types if they are carefully arranged and patterned would be pleasing to the eyes. If you have wonderful decorations that have no theme at all, it can be patterned with the colors of the ribbons and cloths that surround it.

There are literally thousands of ideas that would make the centerpiece for your wedding reception without adorning it with expensive flowers. It just needs a little creativity, a wild touch of imagination, and a little skill to do it. After all, it happens only once. Making it unique and unforgettable is really to make this the most especial occasion in your life.