Love Curse How to Fix and Remove Black Magic Bad Luck Love Spells

Here we talk about Love Curse How to Fix and Remove Black Magic Bad Luck Love Spells. It is not very nice to be on the receiving end of a black magic psychic spell. The purpose of any kind of black magic energy is to slow you down.

I know this is not a pleasant subject to talk about but it helps to know the truth. Only the real truth is going to give the one suffering from the Black Magic spell any kind of freedom from the energy attack. The aim of any kind of psychic spell from a black magician or those who practice witchcraft is to inflict hardship on the poor receiver of the negative energy.

The black magic psychic spell is mesmerizing in how powerful it can be and it works in the job of pushing negative energy towards the one you send it, and it does very well! You can take steps to protect against black magic and you can transmute this energy until it dissolves into nothing but in order to do this you need to know what you are doing as far as psychic applied wisdom goes. There is a lot you can do to stop psychic spells and the work of witchcraft. The use of herbs, essential oils, and crystals has been known for centuries to work wonders on fixing black magic.

Here are more tips on how to protect your energy around dark energy psychic spells

1. Avoid negative places that drain you of your energy. This is the time to go into energy protection big time and if you are under psychic attack it is very hard if you don’t know what you are doing. The primary aim is to protect your aura and the higher spirit vibration you will need in the future to combat this negative force of the black magician.

2. Ask Angels and the higher celestial beings for help. Spirit guidance is one way to receive assistance to block any kind of psychic spell black magic attack. If you need assistance and someone experienced in the field it is a good idea to get their opinion in what is going on with the overall energy. It is a fact very spiritual people can be the victims of black magic as they are bringing more light into the world and so are making the world a much better place.

3. Nature provides a much needed form of energy protection. Walks in nature , when safe to do so, barefoot bring one in touch with the natural earth grid energy and this energizes the aura giving more psychic spell protection than otherwise.

4. Stay calm and as upbeat as possible. It is hard to be positive when under any kind of psychic attack but the negative emotions of bitterness and anger only make it worse and feed the dark black magic energy. Anger is the worst thing in the world as this is light pouring gas onto a hot flame! It takes a plan to defeat any kind of black magic spell and if the plan is going to work it requires a deep spiritual energy to melt the black occult force away.

More on Love Curse How to Fix and Remove Black Magic Bad Luck Love Spells. The energy of black magic psychic spell is no joke. It is really devastating when one is taken by surprise with any kind of psychic attack. Take heart and plan your next move, many have overcome this before you and so black magic spell removal can be achieved successfully.

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