Kms Hair Care – Keeping Your Hair Beautiful

KMS hair care products have always been known to offer revolutionary technology to help preserve the hair’s beauty. Founded by Jamey Mazzota in 1976 in Redding, California, KMS California nowadays offer their products not only in the US but also around the globe. The company continues to bring individuality and versatility to your own style.

KMS has ten lines of hair care. Each one specifically targets certain hair types and problems: SolPerfection, HairStay, HairPlay, CurlUp, Flatour, HeadRemedy, ColorVitality, SilkSheen, AddVolume and MoistRepair.

Dull hair needs more shine, so SilkSheen is there to help you out. Almond and basil will keep your hair dazzling. MoistRepair is perfect for dry hair which easily breaks. Vanilla and aloe keeps moisture in so hair is always soft and strong.

Eucalyptus and cinnamon in the AddVolume line of KMS hair care products helps build volume. If you need to protect your colored hair, ColorVitality is the one you need. It has lilac and ginger to keep the color bright and preserved.

HeadRemedy is especially designed for scalp problems such as sensitive scalp and dandruff. It contains sage and pear which help remove product build-ups to deeply cleanse hair. FlatOut relaxes the hair with fig and jojoba to keep hair smooth and straight. CurlUp is perfect to keep your natural wavy hair enhanced. With orange and mint, it improves your hair’s elasticity for nice curls. HairPlay, on the other hand, is packed with grape and peppermint to style and texture layered haircuts.

If you need to hold your hair and keep it shiny, cranberry and pepper in HairStay are the ones you need. And for those who love being under the sun, SolPerfection keeps your hair conditioned and moisturized from UV rays and other residues like water and sea salt. With lots of choices, KMS hair care products surely offer a lot of choices to keep your hair in its best state.