Iconic Blonde Hairstyles Of The Past

It is amazing to see all of the different ways that things can change over a length of time. Fashion is a fickle thing. It comes and goes and you never know what the next big trend is going to be. This is especially true with hair. Just think back to what women used to do to their hair. Every woman’s dream was to have Marilyn Monroe blond hair. Her white blonde hairstyle was coveted and many tried to accomplish the same thing. It seemed to not matter if the hair did not exactly match a woman’s skin or if it did not complement her overall appearance. Bleached out blonde was popular with a great deal of people.

These days it would seem strange to see a bunch of light blonde haired on women all over the country. Needless to say, the shades of blonde that are popular have toned down quite a bit from what they used to be. The blonde hairstyles of today are a bit less drastic. Women are going more for a natural looking hair color that fits their complexion. Honey blondes and blonde streaks are much more stylish and popular. The bleached out look seems to be gone with the wind.

Who knows what the next big blonde hairstyle will be. You never know when the next Hollywood icon will come forth on the big screen and set a new trend for all women to mimic. It is amazing to see how popular hair styles will change year after year.