How To Take Natural Wedding Photos

Wedding photography is often times a novice photographers first step in to becoming a true professional photographer. Wedding photography is also something very important to the bride and wedding party, so if youre going to give professional wedding photography a try, you owe it to yourself and your client to know as much as possible the occupation, and techniques of professional wedding photography.

If you’re like the majority of people, having your picture taken is an anxiety-inducing event. Even though it’s your wedding day and you look amazing, getting in front of that camera can still feel like a struggle. Don’t worry. It happens to most of us. Thankfully, there are a few tricks to make you look like a natural:

1.Don’t face the camera head-on.There is a reason why so many actresses infamously have a “good” side. They know the importance of angling their bodies in such a way to make them look slimmer. Turn to the side, place your weight on your back foot and pull your shoulders back. You will instantly lose that 10 lbs. the camera allegedly adds.

Turning your body to the camera can lead to fewer shadows, reducing dimension, and making you look like a bulky mass, particularly if you’re wearing a white dress, which in industry terms, can “blow out,” or turn a blinding white on film. Somehighly-skilled wedding photographersknow how to light a scene to avoid such an unflattering result, but most experienced wedding photographers will avoid bland, static poses in most cases.

2.Look into the camera. This may sound silly, but many brides choose to look above or below the camera for fear of looking posed. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Looking directly into the lens when possible will make you appear present in photos. Remember: don’t turn your entire body toward the camera, but gaze into the lens whenever you can, unless instructed otherwise by your wonderful photographer.

3.And speaking of looking, look up toward the camera whenever possible. If not, be sure to keep your chin up. Facing down toward the camera or tucking in your chin will give you the dreaded double-chin. This happens even when the thinnest bride forgets to hold up her chin.

4.Lighting is key.Photography is the capture of light. And while this is mostly the responsibility of your wedding photographer, it can’t hurt to keep in mind a few flattering lighting basics. Typically, the most flattering light will come from the side, whether it be from the sun or a flash. Directional light creates shadows along your body, making you look more like yourself, or in many cases, thinner. Manyexcellent wedding photographersknow how to manipulate the light, using reflectors or strobes in front and to the sides of you to give this effect.

Avoid facing the sun or a photographer with a single flash on his or her camera. This will make you appear as a two-dimensional mass, and therefore, wider than you actually are. This is in line with the idea of not turning directly toward your photographer, but add a blast of bright light and the widening effect is even more severe. Also, using light from behind, commonly a setting sun, doesn’t eliminate shadows in the same way a front-facing source of light does. It is difficult to photograph, but can produce soft, romantic images if done well.

5.Lift those arms!Gluing your arms to your side not only makes you look stiff and uncomfortable, it makes your arms look bigger than they are. Placing your hands on your hips or lifting your arms slightly away from your body will take inches off your biceps, in addition to making your waist much more visible, and as a result, slimmer.

6.Check your feet.Are your toes square to the photographer? Turn your back foot 90 degrees and point the other one toward the camera, placing most of your weight on your back foot. It’s an old beauty pageant secret that widdles your waist and automatically brings your shoulders up and back. Try in front of a mirror to see the difference this quick fix makes!

7.Relax.Don’t be scared. If you have chosen a good photographer, you are in good hands. This is why choosing an excellent wedding photographer is key. You want to look the best you possibly can. Take a deep breath, relax, and follow your photographer’s lead. Keeping just a few things in mind will accentuate your beauty and allow you to get back to enjoying your big day.

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