How Much Should You Spend On Wedding Bands

There’s a general consensus that two to three month’s pay should be spent on engagement rings, but what about wedding bands? Once you’re engaged, how much should you spend on your wedding bands or wedding ring sets?

To someone not involved with the wedding, wedding bands might not seem like that big of a deal. They’re definitely not as important as the engagement ring, right? Wrong! Grooms typically do not have an engagement ring, so the wedding band is the only ring he will ever wear. Additionally, many brides end up wearing just their wedding bands and keep their engagement ring safe at home.

Because the wedding band is something both spouses will be wearing for the rest of your days together, it’s important to put some thought into your selection – and that starts with how much you will be spending on your wedding bands or wedding ring sets.

While there seem to be some definite opinions on how much you should spend on an engagement ring, there isn’t really such a clear cut answer for how much you should spend on wedding rings. Start by putting a budget together of what you think you can afford and what you’re comfortable with spending, because you want to be comfortable with this purchase (especially when you may spending a high amount on a wedding at the same time). You also may want to discuss different payment options. Will you both be putting money towards the purchase? Do you want to finance your rings?

Next, start visiting stores and doing some research online. By shopping around you will be able to get an idea of the types of rings in your price range and find the best ring that you can get for your budget. You might find that you can spend less than you wanted to and still get something that you’re really happy with, or you can end up spending a lot more because you found wedding bands that you really fell in love with and want to wear for the rest of your lives.

The decision on how much you should spend on your wedding rings is definitely a personal one – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Spend some time to really evaluate your finances and map out a budget and you will be able to come up with your own magical number of how much to spend on your wedding bands.