Hookahs The Fashion Statement Among Youngsters

Everybody seems to have known hookah for ages; indeed, many of us have enjoyed a hookah at some time in a hookah bar. If not, you might have possibly forgotten about how a hookah looks and feels if tried. If you think, you have never seen or heard about a hookah, ask yourself if you read or heard the story of famous child fiction, Alice in Wonderland. In Alice in Wonderland, the author has mentioned about a smoking caterpillar. What that caterpillar was smoking was indeed a hookah.

What brought this up is the historical presence of hookahs for several centuries. They have been present and being enjoyed by the people of all races for hundreds of years in many countries, such as Turkey, India, and Afghanistan etc. Originally, hookah was invented in Turkey several hundreds years ago. Its smoking mechanism was also quite interesting. The Turkish built a hookah such that the smoke could pass through a pipe to the smoker. Before reaching the smoker, smoke was made to get cooled down by passing it through water. This passage of smoke through water is responsible for producing the bubbling sound that comes to your mind when you think of hookah.

In the current age, hookahs have developed and gained various shapes and sizes and even, the stuff required for burning to smoke has also seen variations. However, the mechanism of hookah, the way it is smoked, and the basic functioning is still the same old classic hookah way. The material that used to heat in the old classic hookahs was tobaccos mixed with molasses or honey which was then placed on the top of hookah, in a bowl like dish. The hookahs of today use a different form of tobacco, generally known as shisha. This tobacco is mixed with glycerin, sugar and a variety of flavors to produce a different taste that is pleasant and sometimes, even not unhealthy. Usage of these flavors might sometimes be to produce a fruity flavor, sweet flavor, cola flavor, chocolate flavor or many other kinds of flavors. There are countless choices available for flavors in the market, which is real good news to the regular hookah smokers and for the ones who want to try a hookah for the first time.

Smoking hookah is less unhealthy than smoking other forms of tobacco, such as cigarettes. This is because of the fact that the hookah tobacco does not contain those harmful chemicals that are present in the tobacco used in cigarettes. Also, the tobacco is not burnt in the hookahs; it is rather heater which produces less harmful smoke. In cigarettes, hundreds of chemicals burn to produce the smoke which is not true with hookahs; hookahs contain only tobacco, glycerin, sugar and flavors. Therefore, the hookahs, despite being yet another means for smoking, are considered the least harmful amongst its counterparts.