Fantaise Nocturne by Andres Aquino

Fantaise Nocturne- is the new Haute couture collection by Andres Aquino, which is scheduled to be displayed on the runway at 8:00 p.m. on February 18, 2012, during the much anticipated, Couture Fashion Week, in New York. The show is deemed to be one of the much awaited fashion events, and is scheduled to be carried out in the Grand Ballroom of Waldorf-Astoria.

The collection takes its inspiration from the subtle and exquisite art of Ert, the great French artist and designer. Influences are also taken from the elegant art of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. The collection is made from rich fabrics, stylish trimmings, and beautiful embroideries.

Andres Aquino, the featured artist, also takes great inspiration from sculptures and illustrations of various Parisian artists, which is bound to reflect in his latest collection. Mr. Aquino said, -I love art, poetry, architecture, dance, and history.-

The event will merge the classical aura of Parisian art with the energy of New York City; Andres Aquino is excited about the prospect: He said: “All of these influence the components of color, romance and fun I strive to incorporate into my fashion designs. Paris has always inspired poets and artists, and New York energizes the artistic creative process.”

The show is expected to be among the top extravagant fashion events. It is scheduled to begin with the display of latest luxury collection of giclee denims, and accessories by the renowned designer Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt. She will be displaying her collection for Jet Art Label. Andres Aquino will follow her presentation, and the event will also be dazzled with various entertainers. Hence, a great prospect for fashion news, and fashion gossips.

Andres Aquino is a poet, writer, fine art photographer, fashion designer, and a successful entrepreneur. He is also the producer and founder of the up-coming Couture fashion, New York. Aquino, an accomplished fashion designer has managed to win many awards for his artistic input to the fashion industry; the awards that he has received include the prestigious EL award (El Diaro, New York), Style Fashion Leader and inspiration award, Legacy Award (Latin Fashion week, Washington), and many others. Aquino’s work is deemed to be artistically elegant and creative in nature. His work accentuates the natural beauty and style of the wearer. His work has been displayed on the runway in Romania, Dubai, India, Dominican Republic, USA, and many other countries. His work also featured in the top fashion publications, all around the world. Couture Fashion Week is scheduled to be a multi-day event. It will be showcasing couture and luxury fashion. All art aficionados should take note, because the event will also exhibit fine art, world-class entertainment, along with a display of luxury bands.

The event is usually held at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City; however, it is occasionally held in other selected cities, as well. Upscale consumers, VIPs, the press and top store buyers, are expected to attend the event. Couture Fashion Week will offer a great opportunity for promotion of luxury products and items. Furthermore, it will produce more fashion news and fashion gossips, as soon as it kicks-off.