Easy Ways To Get Custom Tattoo Designs For Less Money

If youre prudent with money, then obviously you have a very sensible attitude towards your finances. Those who are financially aware always look for ways to save whenever they spend any money. Considering the current global economic situation and the way prices keep on rising, its not surprising that people always have to tighten their belts. You might like to save money, but this doesnt mean you should compromise on quality, especially if youre going in for a custom tattoo design. Here are four ways in which you can save money while getting the tattoos you want:

Tattoo Design Contests: You can hold your own tattoo design contests on tattoo sites; this means that you can choose the custom tattoo design that best matches your idea for a tattoo. Have you ever been on eBay? It is similar to eBay in the way it works. Open the site and click on Start a contest. The site will then take you to a step-by-step guide which will ask you to describe your custom tattoo idea. Then, you will be asked to post a prize of at least $35. This amount will then be passed on to the tattoo designer whose artwork you choose.

If you go to eBay, you will find that prospective buyers place their bids for a particular item on sale. In a design contest, tattoo designers post their visual interpretation of your idea that you had posted online. This contest usually runs for 14 days. Once you choose the best tattoo design, the custom tattoo designer who wins the contest will complete the design along with its stenciled version. If you go to a tattoo parlor, a tattoo design will cost you about $50. By choosing the tattoo design contest route through the custom tattoo design sites, you stand to save a minimum of $15.

Shop for custom tattoo designs online: If you prefer not to set up a tattoo design contest, but instead prefer to shop for custom tattoo designs online, youll find several sites with custom tattoo designs that will let you browse through their entries from their contest forums. You can buy any design uploaded here by using your credit card. This done, your design will be emailed to you. You can then print the design and take it with you to the tattoo artist of your choice.

Ask for designs from web-based contest artists: Usually, custom tattoo competition sites come with a long list of tattoo designers willing to take on your tattooing order. While online tattoo artists dont charge as much as their bricks and mortar counterparts, they are spared from the payment of rental and leasing fees.

Tattoo laws: If you would like to go out and meet tattooists, the best way of doing this is to attend tattoo conventions regularly. Meeting like-minded people will give you the benefit of being referred to those professional tattoo designers who give excellent service at a minimal charge.