Do It Yourself Flat Top Haircuts

Today, hair grooming for men is actually something that has increased in importance over the years. In the past, men simply cut their hair in any given style that was simple and easy to maintain in order to make things uncomplicated in regard to daily hair care and maintenance as well as keeping an overall well groomed appearance. Seemingly, the shorter the hair the better is the motto which has given rise to flat top haircuts and how to perform them from home in order to save a little money.

This type of hair cut, otherwise known as the crew cut, is actually a very popular and long standing hairstyle that has been used for years. Basically, the overall look is one of shaved sides and back with a flat top, one length upper that is incredible easy to maintain. Also, it provides a very clean and trimmed look for anyone which is often the largest part of its appeal.

Budgets are definitely decreased these days and people are looking for any means possible to avoid having the spend money. Having someone cut your hair may not seem like a large initial expense, yet, the maintenance involved in keeping hair groomed at all times is a crucial step in staying fresh. There, there are very simple steps to follow in order to maintain a flat top haircut.

The first thing one needs for flattop haircuts at home is a pair of clippers. These are actually very affordable and easy to find at any given retailer. Specific brands and designs are truly unimportant as long as the clipper set purchased is able to allow adjustable guards and cutting lengths.

Beyond the clippers, there are a few other supplies needed in order to do this at home. Naturally, a comb and mirrors are needed in order to keep the hair groomed during clipping as well as being able to see what is being cut. Also, there should be eight to ten inches of cutting shears in order to be able to cut around the ears and edges.

The first step involved in the actual hair cutting is the shaving part. Take the clipper on as close a guard and shortness as possible and shave from the bottom of the neck all the way up to the top hair line. This should be performed around the sides and entire back of the head.

Finally, when performing flattop haircuts, trim and shear the top of the head as well as the upper side portions to the desired length of the top. This side and upper back portion should be layered in with the shaved portion. Once complete, one has effectively given themselves a flat top.