Create Your Own Orchid Wedding Bouquets

Orchids are very refreshing flowers to look at, hence they are very popular to use as orchid wedding bouquets. They come in various colors and shapes so a bride-to-be can have a variety of choices. Their natural beauty and charm complement well with a bride’s appearance. It’s no secret that orchids can be quite expensive so if you want to save some money from all the costly preparations for a wedding, well, you can actually create your own wedding bouquet. Silk orchids are good to use, especially when making a cascading bouquet. Other popular orchid types are Cymbidium orchid, which is a bit heavier compared to others and comes best in white, pink, green, yellow and burgundy colors; Phalaenopsis orchid which is usually used for cascade bouquets because of its flat features and look best in white and purple colors; Vanda orchids which have smaller sizes but still look great as bridal bouquet; and Dendrobium orchids which have beautiful lines and small flowers.

Here is a simple guideline in making orchid wedding bouquets for your most precious day, your wedding day:

1) Put some heavy stones in a vase halfway through. This is where you will place your bouquet while you are arranging it so that you can use both of your hands. Then, put the foam bouquet holder in position inside the vase.

2) Cut off the leaves and flowers from the stalk to separate them. Start creating stems by taping a florist wire to the base of the flowers and leaves. Be sure to use a florist tape in the taping process and a florist wire. Cover the entire wire with green florist tape which will then look like a stem. The length of the orchid stems should vary from four inches to fourteen inches.

3) Next, insert the leaves unto the foam to frame the bouquet. This will make the primary shape of your orchid bouquet. Let the longest leaf hang down straight at the center and the remaining leaves should progressively and uniformly get shorter. The green foliage must point outwards in all directions. The green stem made from florist tape can be secured to the foam using hot glue.

4) Now, you can add each orchid flower to the bouquet one by one. The orchids with long stems should be inserted first with the longest one inserted at the middle bottom portion of the foam. This will serve as the bouquet’s anchor. Place two long stems away from the center, the next one in the center and two other ones off center again. The bouquet’s bottom will be built by this. Then, start building the fuller portion of your bouquet. Insert orchids with the length of five inches to seven inches. The shorter ones with length of three to five inches should be at the center. To create a full bouquet, place these orchids in the foam. Hot glue can be used for stability.

5) To finish the process, you can wrap a matching ribbon around the bouquet holder which complement with the theme of your wedding and the color of the orchids. The wedding bouquet would look simply perfect if it fits excellently to the theme. You can also add up smaller orchids to fill the bouquet.

For additional care for your orchids, you can soak them in a solution with preservative to lengthen their life and make them look fresh all throughout your wedding day.