Choosing Tattoo Colors

While getting a tattoo done, choosing the right tattoo colors is very important. It should compliment your skin color. Choosing the wrong tattoo color will not just bring a bad tattoo on your body but is also a waste of ink. Tattoos are very personal, so it is important that it comes out real nice. There are different types on skin tones and hence different tattoo colors which complement them.

Different colors are used for different skin colors. For a fair complexion, bolder colors look more vibrant. There are several tattoo artists that do not believe that tattoos look better on fair skin only. They think that colors like red, pink and purple come out beautifully on any skin. Bright colors like orange and yellow are generally avoided. They generally wash out easily and hence the beauty of the tattoo fades away quick. Even light colors are not preferred because they are not very noticeable.

Every tattoo artist says that tattoos come out very beautifully on tan skin. Colors like purples, bright shades of blue, oranges and greens come out beautifully on tanned skin. Only dark shades are not preferred on this skin type. Light as well as medium shades can also be used on tan skin. Colors like pink, white and blue even come out very well on this skin type. It is important that the tattoo artist picks the best tattoo inks only. You can differentiate a best tattoo ink from a normal one as the best one will be typically lighter than the skin tone or much darker than it.

When you are picking tattoo colors, you can also pick the nail polish colors that look best on you. Make sure you pick a color that you will like forever.

You can also pick a tattoo color depending on your nature and mood. If youre a peppy and happy person, then you can pick beautiful bright colors. If youre a silent person, you can go for sober colors like blue. Think about the type of colors that suits you.

Always make sure that the tattoo artist you are trusting to make your tattoo is FDA approved. Also make sure that the needle he uses is opened in front of you and not being reused.