Child Clothes Stand

Jackets on the floor, missing hats and mittens, and the raincoat that always disappears when its pouring outside and hes about to miss the school bus

Does this all sound familiar? The solution is pretty simple (in which we mean, its as pretty as it is simple): a child clothes stand.

Made at exactly a childs height, theyre perfect for holding jackets, hats, and schoolbags. The moment they enter the door, they can hang their things (as opposed to dumping them on the floor, for Mommy to pick up). It takes just seconds for them to do thatbut it saves everyone so much trouble!

You dont waste time in the morning looking for lost things. He doesnt miss the school bus, you arent late for work helping him find that stray jacket, and you dont spend the morning nagging or lecturing him about why he should take care of his things. You dont have to worry about a messy hallway; you dont have to think about where to put his stuff away. The child clothes stand waits, and all he has to do is reach up, and hang them.

The child clothes stand also makes a charming decoration, as cute and playful as your own sweet (if sometimes messy and forgetful) child. Choose from a wide selection of shapes and colors, to compliment your childs age, personality, and your own decorating style.

Some child clothes stands look like animals, your special pets standing guard at the door, waiting to greet him when he comes home from school. How about a child clothes stand that looks like a friendly dalmatian? Or a child clothes stand that looks like a cute little giraffe? (How many kids can say that theyve got a giraffe at the door?)

For girls, there are child clothes stands that look like flowers or dainty ballerinas. For boys, youve got child clothes stands in baseball or fireman themes. You can even complete the look with a handy rack for keys, wallets or small treasures. The playful designs, the charming colors, the small details (like wee knobs shaped like soccer balls!) all make it a child clothes stand above the rest.

If you want a more classic theme that will blend with the rest of your interiors, there are also child clothes stands that are shaped to look like lamp posts, with different varnishes to compliment your other furniture. Or you can choose from child clothes stands painted in different primary colors, still very childlike but cool enough for a tween whos over her ballerina phase.

These child clothes stands are sturdy, and at just the right height. Theres no danger of your child slipping as he reaches up to hang his clothes on an adult clothes stand, nor will his clothes be hidden under a pile of other overcoats. This is his own special child clothes stand, and theres nothing like that sense of ownership to make him take responsibility for his things!

But child clothes stands can be used for other things as well: for displaying a teenagers assortment of bags, or decorating a themed nursery (hang teddy bears, towels or nursing blankets instead of jackets and scarves).