Bad Men’s Fashion Trends Of The Decade

Wearing suit jackets with shorts rather than trousers – honestly speaking this trend just blows my mind away as I can not quite comprehend the logic behind this fashion stunt. The shocking thing is that this style has found its way into numerous designer collections.

It makes sense if you live in Bermuda and if you’re a school boy donning the same, no problem because it looks cute, but for adults it’s a totally a different story. A friend of mine who’s also an executive of a major corporation told me that one of his company employees reported to work once clad in a similar outfit and nobody knew quite well what to make of it.

What of skin tight peg-leg pants?

Well, I personally own a couple of skinny jeans but what do you make of the skinny tight type and here I mean those that are tight all the way down to the ankles, not cool on men! Those types are not only uncomfortable but really out of place, maybe you can save them for the night out with the boys, but even then you might just end up looking like an alien straight out of Star Trek.

Levered sunglasses

I saw these ones for the first time when Kanye West wore them during the 2008 Grammys performance and they looked good for showbiz and nothing more, getting creative and extending their use is just looking for disaster.

Them Crocs

I was very ignorant about crocs until my sister unveiled them. About a year ago she wore them a lot and especially when vacationing with her family in Hawaii, and in her opinion they make a perfect beach shoe, I guess because of the little holes that allow water to flow freely between the toes. She bought them in Waikiki Hawaii and then returned with all her family members wearing them. To my astonishment, lots many people adopted the style and soon you could see all folks comfortable in them around town, in gardens and while doing many other casual activities. They may have some appeal but wearing them around town? Not cool

Belted coats and Jackets

One blogger recently wrote “The main reason for having a belt on a coat or a jacket that already has a button or a zipper is to add waistline definition. In my view men don’t need to worry about highlighting their curves.” Well, that’s perfectly put and I fully agree with the sentiments of that blogger. The only exception is safari jackets which remind me of the British Colonial period.

The 80s hair style

History indeed repeats itself and hair styles a re a witness to that. Big hair a hot style of the 80’s and mostly for the male folk, and in my humble opinion it should have been left to rest with the 80’s but no. When contemporary fashion designers started to introduce fashions that were said to be inspired by the new wave era, I hoped that it was gonna be a pure fad. What happened was the exact opposite and the whole 80 thing sprung back in full force, I was dumbfounded and confused. Some things should just be left to the past for Christ’s sake.

Fashion Dior Sunglasses, Men Are More Mannish

Most fashion accessories are designed for women, but fashion sunglasses are also designed for men. Fashion Dior Sunglasses are the sunglasses make men more mannish. If you want to look stylish whenever the sun’s shining then you could do worse than to treat yourself to a pair of fashion Dior sunglasses. The shape of the sunglasses must suit the shape of the face in such a way as to enhance it, rather than to emphasize it.
Aside from suiting the shape of your face, it is important to know if the fashion Dior sunglasses are designed to offer the maximum protection to the extremely delicate eyeball to protect it from the suns’ harmful rays. After this, you can concentrate on getting the right style for your own sense of fashion. These aspects are many and varied everything from polarizing the lenses to using interchangeable nose pieces.
The perennial favorite saw a massive resurgence in the eighties with the release of Top Gun. These were originally designed for the US Airforce and were provided to the pilots free of charge. They became popular with the masses when the, now famous, photo of General Douglas MacArthur wading ashore in the Phillipines was published and he was wearing these sunglasses. The best thing about these little beauties is they can be worn with almost any style of clothing.
Even though these styles of Dior Designer Sunglasses appeal to almost every demographic of male sunglass wearer, due to the nature of their design, Rimless sunglasses are probably more suited to the young urban professional than your average Joe or sports jock.
Plastic protectors
So before you lash out and buy new fashion Dior sunglasses, check and see what the leading designers have in-store. Depending on your requirements, whether it be a pair for the office or just a pair for your car, they are sure to have what ever you desire for your next pair of Dior Sunglasses

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Shopping For Large Men’s Clothing On Line

Men in modern society are often prone to having larger body frames than in the past and it is therefore important for online stores to cater for larger figures and broader frames.

The person with larger body frame feels shy to go for buying clothes in any physical store. This is particularly because the retail outlets generally do not keep plus size clothing in their product range. But, now these large men can breathe a sigh of relief as they can shop for their extra large clothing online itself. This has in fact led to an immense popularization of online stores for large mens clothing.

As the shopping for large mens clothing online is on the rise, it has become more and more difficult to settle down on one option over the other. Amongst the large number of such online outlets, has earned a significant name and reputation. There are certain noteworthy reasons to its credit –

Firstly, there is an exquisite line of large mens clothing available with Big Matt’s. Their collection ranges from Tee shirts, jeans, trousers, smart / formal shirts, suits, knitwear, sweaters, fleeces and hoodys, jackets and coats, leather goods, night wear, casual wear summer wear / shorts to underwear/ socks, sportswear, work wear, and numerous others. However, that is not all. They also exhibit a distinguished section of oversize shoes, sandals, boots, accessories and clearance items. To add on, they too have come up with designer labels like Lee Cooper, Peter England, Bonart, Skopes and others. With such wide display and varieties at hand, shopping online for large mens clothing is no less exciting than picking up smaller size clothes.

Secondly, the online Big Matt’s shop has different sizes of big mens clothing to suit people of different body structure. The sizes differ on various parameters – general size distinction of 2XL to 8XL, waistline of 42″ to 68″, chest breadth of 46″ to 70″ and, collar girth of 18 1/2″ to 23″. To aid the customer in their pick, basic measurement charts, namely generic size chart, Ben Sherman size guide and Oakman guide, are provided. This lends a better understanding to the buyers to choose correctly what they are actually searching for. Not only this, but also an outline on measuring the specific body regions is also stated. This piece of information enables the visitors to match their particular body size to the clothing sizes available.

Last but not the least, you not only see their astounding array of clothing, but can also purchase them online. They have Protx secured method of online transaction and almost every prominent credit card are acceptable modes of payment.

For more information on plus size clothing like big mens coats, visit Big Matts.
So, bid adieu to all those embarrassing moments of your visit to any garment store by shopping for large mens clothing.

Clothing And Clothing Online For Swedish Men

Fine clothing style and these Swedish men seemed to be interconnected with each other. These Swedish men are the most stylish people among the whole Scandinavian countries. Right from jacket to tie, shirt to trousers, whatever these Swedish men wear becomes a style statement if its own.

Some Swedish online clothing stores are selling mens clothing not only in Sweden but throughout Europe and they are indeed famous mens clothing brands. But, the real fact remains the same that these Germen men old and young intimate the clothing style that is followed in my most other western countries, where style is measured through a persons profession, his age and personal taste. The online clothing trend of Sweden is slightly different from other European countries and if you can make your purchase through online clothing (online klader in Swedish) stores available in and around Sweden.

The clothing style of these Sweden depends upon certain factors. These are as follows:

Climate: Sweden is a cold Scandinavian country, but majority of the southern quarters of the country is warm. Summer temperatures are usually between 13s and 15s and if the temperature touches 30 degree mark, then its horrible warm. This leaves the Swedish men to wear variety of stylish clothing as similar to any to any German or European country, like jeans, pullovers, T-shirts and sweatshirts;

Business Clothing: Most Swedish men follow the same European style clothing when they go for their respective offices. Black or grey coloured suits are the day-to day clothing which these Swedish men wear when they approach the business clients. Those Swedish men who are attached with financial, legal or any public sector usually add tie as a part of their whole attire and in many Swedish business houses wearing tie is a compulsory these days. Those Swedish men who perform their daily business dealings without interacting with their business clients a great deal dress up in casual clothing style especially in jeans and T-shirts;

Street Fashion: Young men living in various Sweden cities like Stockholm, Malmo, Uppsala, Orebro and Halland are very much creative minded Swedish people when it comes to their clothing. Well any Swedish teenager who loves trendy things would find majority of Swedish teenagers are wearing neon colours along with ripped shirts or a studded leather jackets. Both teenagers and university teens in Sweden can easily shop through online clothing stores like H&M, ASOS, Hope Sthlm, Gant, Elvine etc, which offer less expensive men designer clothing which are seen on the Swedish roads. These Swedish men also wear T-shirts, jeans along with colourful sneakers so as to look trendy;

Designer Label: Very few Designer labels in mens clothing (klader in Swedish) are famous world wide especially in Europe. Brands like Tiger and H&M for instance have made their mark due to the tremendous designing work being done from the designers of this small Scandinavian country called, Sweden. Although the designers here are shy to come out in public but their over all designer clothes for men which they make says about them a lot!!

These all about Swedish Men clothing and online clothing stores, folks!! Although as comparison to other European countries like Denmark and United Kingdom, Swedish clothing market has not stamped is authority but by the given times the countries clothing style would surely prosper.

Mens Navy Blue Suit

For selecting color for mens suit it is very essential that how precisely you can make good combination with shirt, tie etc. First of all look carefully at your suit and find the available colors in the fabric, how many colors are in woven, especially if you are looking at a patterned suit. Consider a subtle glen plaid gray suit; Overall look of the suit is gray but up close we find it has very fine lines in teal, maroon and blue. Once you have selected color of suit you need to find more of it and the easiest place to do this is with your tie. The color of tie should need some contrast effect. Think in terms of color family. Navy, light blue and bright royal blues are from the blue family. Claret, pink and red are from the red family. Teal, green and aqua are from the green family. Now check how good the tie and suit together look. Select tie with a deep red background with decoration that has blue green, blue and off-white in the design. Now select color of shirts. White shirt look good for more formal look. Light blue color shirt is good option for regular workday. Therefore for final outfit looks like for mens navy blue suit, with white color shirt and tie with combination of red and black is a perfect good combination for men suit of navy blue color. For mens gray suit with burgundy, teal and blue; a light blue shirt and a tie in deep red with blue-green, blue and off-white.

Mens Suits Pattern Combination

It is very important that how best you select colors and patterns of your suit. It is good combination to select solid color of suit and shirt while tie with some pattern. Consider a solid navy suit with white shirt or light blue shirt and striped tie. If you select pattern suit and tie than shirt must be plain. For striped navy suit solid blue shirt or white shirt and foulard tie. For more casual outfit select dark color shirt with light color tie. For the dark color suit, shirt and tie color should be lighter for formal look. For dark charcoal gray suit white shirt and light grenadine silver tie is formal. A gray patterned suit and pair it with a gray shirt and medium violet with white and yellow foulard tie. The colored shirt makes the outfit more casual. Lighter color shirt such as icy gray or white gives more formal look. You can also try a deep purple tie.

Combining different Patterns of Mens Suit

Select same color of suit, shirt and tie but with different tone of same color family. Mixing two stripes; select them in a different width such as a subtle tweed suit, narrow striped shirt and bold striped tie. Combine small patterns with bold patterns. Select the jacket, shirt and tie within the same formal level. Do not combine formal with casual. Also double-breasted suit with a button-down shirt is not advisable.