Men Clothing Tips

You surely turn your head around when you see a man well dressed complementing his body and looks. A manly look, funky look, decent look, party look or any other look it may be, without proper clothing sense no man could get that wow factor. We always tend to make fun of those with inappropriate dressing sense. Guys, never forget that choosing a right outfit also depends on your body structure. Here are some valuable guidelines for men clothing depending on body type. Do not take it light, follow the rules seriously to stay tune with the latest fashion trend.

Low waist jeans or trousers are a big no for man with short waist. Avoid tucking in your shirts, instead go for pull overs. Even contrast pattern will be a drawback highlighting your short waist, it is a good idea to go for a same pattern or same shades. Always make sure to remind the tailor to measure your trouser waist by one inch higher to your waist line. In contrast to short waisted men, for long waist men has to wear choose the outfit other way round. So all the long waist guy, low waist jean looks cool and stylish with contrast color shirts tugging in. Even double breasted blazer and jackets suits diverting attention from long legs. Wear a big buckled belt and stay cool.

Now coming down to your butt part, butt less or in other word flat butt men should always go for a fitting jeans or trousers. To hide your body feature, it is best to wear a straight leg trouser whereas, for big butt men it is a good idea to wear tight boxers or shorts inside the trouser to hold to butt. This sound a bit weird but it is true.

To hide large belly, go shopping for light fabric but dark in color. Avoid light colors as it accentuates your huge belly. Avoid low waist jeans and do not forget to wear a vest inside your shirt and also go for long sleeve shirts and t-shirts.

Importantly for ethnic wears, shorter height and flabby guys should go for knee length kurta whereas, tall and lean men could go for a calf length kurta. Now happy shopping and make sure to keep in mind the basics. Do not sway with the designer tags, go for the one which complements you.

What Are The Hottest Trends In Men’s Fashion

Nowadays, a lot of people take steps to tighten their budgets during the recent economic turmoil. In general, men found it easier to cut back on clothing than women. Perhaps surprisingly, that trend is now reversing. Last year, the growth in men’s apparel outpaced the growth in women’s clothing by almost 9 percent. A single category of clothing is responsible for much of the growth: accessories. Sales for men’s briefcases, bags, hats, scarves and other accessories have skyrocketed over the last year.

There are theories abound over the reasons for the growing popularity for men’s accessories. A more competitive job market is one explanation. Men are realizing that taking fashion seriously can help the bottom line. Where once a finely tailored suit, a crisp white shirt and a silk tie were enough to establish credibility in the boardroom, men today are looking for accessories that give them an edge over the competition, be it a pocket square, tie bar or a statement watch.

People often credit male-oriented fashion blogs for the increased interest in men’s clothes. Bloggers who approach fashion with the same attention to detail as those who follow traditional male subjects like sports and cars are appealing to new generation of fashion-conscious men. Fashion blogs make it easy for men to keep tabs on upcoming trends, no matter from what area of the globe they originate. The simplest explanation for men’s new interest in accessories is a growing confidence among men to express themselves with fashion. Accessories give men more options to showcase their individuality.

With all the gizmos, gadgets and fashion items that men tote around with them each day, it’s not surprising that sales of men’s bags, holdalls and briefcases have doubled in some men’s clothing and accessory retailers. More surprisingly is the increased sales in men’s bracelets, or “wristwear,” as they’re often marketed to men. Some fashion trend analysts list bracelets as the strongest fashion trend among young men. Fashionable men’s wristwear is distinctly different from bracelets sold to women. Thin strips of leather, rope, braided rubber or metal have the look of hardware rather than jewelry.

Men’s accessories offer ample opportunities to make a personal stamp on traditional fashion. The recent recession has taught men that looking fashionable can be a key component to getting or keeping a job. When it comes to loving and understanding men’s fashion, staying current and relevant just may be the new normal.

Can Women Wear Men’s Sunglasses

Police sunglasses are decidedly a mens fashion statement. With huge names in their male advertising scheme like Antonio Bandaras, George Clooney and Justin Timberlake, its no wonder men are flocking to these attractive, sleek and modern designs. But what about women? Can and should women wear mens eyewear designs?

Many men choose Police sunglasses not for their massively sucesfull and alluring ad campaigns, but because Police sunglasses are designer style without being cheeky or covered in bright colors or oversized logos. For the most part, mens fashion excels at understating the obvious and playing up simplicity to the point of perfection. Police sunglasses have mastered the art of casual seduction with their latest mens line, but should women attempt to make the look work for them?

There are two primary concerns regarding women wearing mens designs. First, the frames are slightly bigger allowing for larger male heads (most women reading this are, naturally, thinking of a male they know with a big ego after that last statement). Because women have thinner and smaller heads, the mens sunglasses might not fit comfortably or stably. Additionally, mens eyes will be ever so slightly further apart so the gap between the lenses will be slightly bigger. For smaller women, this may make them unwearble. So, before you buy your mens sunglasses for yourself, ladies, try on a few pairs to make sure they fit comfortably and that sunlight does not stream in around the lenses (defeating the point of having sunglasses in the first place).

Men Fashion Tips Next

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Men Fashion And Culture

You should know that men’s fashion is constantly changing and can be very different in different countries.
In addition some countries are known for certain clothing, styles and fashion accessories.

People will dress differently in different countries and different cultures so that each country often has its very own style.

Fashion has always been of vital interest to many people living in many places around the world whether they are men or women. European and American fashion designers are popular on the planet for their ideas for their innovations and their fashion sense. Asians and Africans will also copy the fashion and their designers will align in the same way.
Below are some examples of country specific fashion that we know about in Europe.

First of all, the French fashion.
Men are fond of French fashion and designs provide them. The French are good at advertising and promoting their fashion usually. Paris is one of the four major cities which provide the latest fashion trends for the entire population of the world and is closely watched by fashion lovers. Christian Dior is a name and favorite brand of many men in the world for example. French perfumes are also very attractive to men and very popular these days.

The Italian fashion
Italy is a pioneer in fashion for men as well. The suits and design made by Italians are called to be paramount and they dominate the fashion industry worldwide. Italy has been in the field of fashion for centuries and their products are always high in quality. Major brands are among the entities of Italian fashion. The globalization of products is what you can call the revolution of brands worldwide.
Armani is a brand known to millions of fashion-conscious men in the world. Watches, jeans and fragrances of this brand are legendary. There are of course other brands in men’s fashion from Italy and are also known.

The Swiss and their watches
Men have always been attracted to watches, and watches are part of fashion. Men are fond of high quality watches, precision and high-end. Famous marks among men watches are loved around the world include Rolex, Movado, Rotary, and Rado, which are among the best. In South Asia, the groom often receives a Rolex or Rado watch from the parents of the bride. However, watches for men are becoming an excellent as a gift.