School Uniforms Important to presidium Students

School uniforms have ever remained a highly debatable topic among parents, students and educators. The significance of implementation of dress code in schools has been brought under scanner time and again. There are many convincing pros and cons for school uniforms. The basic premise behind school uniform is that it creates equality amongst students and helps to prevent conflict.

Basically, school uniform serves the purpose of being a disciplinary tool. It accurately reflects school’s discipline standard and represents in what school a student goes. No school can function effectively without a disciplined student body and uniform plays a vital role in achieving so. A school may produce excellent result academically but slovenly dressed students leave not so effective impression on others. While, neatly dressed uniformed children undoubtedly suggest that the school is good.

Positive effects of school uniform

Wearing school uniform has many positive effects in a child’s life from promoting discipline to inculcating feelings of belongingness; uniforms aids in the development of a child. It further mushrooms the feeling of unity among students in the school.

A school uniform also saves students from putting their fashion tastes before their learning. Also, it takes the pressure off the children to look fashionable along with other students.

Uniform symbolizes equality and serves as a great leveler making every child look equal. Use of uniforms in schools ensures less competition and less distractions. Uniform gives children a common identity and a sense of belongingness.

For safety reasons also uniforms are good. It makes it easier for educators to identify their students who are dressed alike and keeps students safe from outsiders. Identifying potential threat from interlopers becomes easier.

School Uniforms in Indian schools

Schools uniforms are almost universal in India, from primary to higher-secondary level. School boys generally adorn light-colored shirt and dark long trousers and girls wear shirt and skirt. Some schools employ Salwar Kameez for girls.

One of the popular schools – Presidium senior secondary school strongly believes in the concept of school uniform and realizes its importance. That’s why they have provided students with comfy uniforms which all students love to wear. In order to add little colour and vivacity to their daily uniform routine, they have kept one day of the week for club uniforms. Presidium senior secondary school has six clubs namely Legends, Supremes, Elites, Leaders, Victors and Maestros ; and each of these club has dedicated uniforms in white , black , yellow , blue and green color. Children thoroughly enjoy and love adorning their club uniforms. It provides them much better attitude at school and makes them look trendy as well.

Clothing importance in childs growth

Children do hate to wear the clothes, which is not of same brand or quality as their friends . To avoid being a laughing stock, children now a days insisted their parents to buy the same as their other friends do. Children are more cautious about their than the adults are about their clothing. When children visit their friends they do look into each others closet and also ask from which these clothes are brought from. With heavy exposure to television, and globalization of economy, children know exactly they want and also know their brand as well. They also refuse to do any compromise on their . for girls include skirts, frocks, bodices, tops etc and for boys include t shits, jeans, trousers, shirts etc. The children wear store also includes slippers sandals and shoes in their shops to complete their segment and add totality to it.

Branding, fashion designing and children clothing wear stores in child wear segment

In the primitive years, people used leaves of trees to cover their bodies. Clothing later evolved to clothes made of leather. Then cotton and later synthetic material was used. With the evolution in clothing technology, more and more people invested in growth of clothing industry through heavy investment. This clothing started to be sold on clothing stores. Earlier there was no present separately. But with increase of awareness and income separate s opened. Earlier only those companies, which manufactured adult clothing, also made . However, later famous brands like Reebok and Nike also opened their kids section in their . Exclusive brands of like giny and johny, catmoss also developed which catered to all kids needs in their . Caps, jeans, skirts, t-shirts, were all available under one roof in these s.

Options available for children wear shopping.

Not everyone is able to go shopping in the market, therefore option of online are present from where purchase can be made and the products delivered at the doorstep of house. In western countries of Europe and in USA, most purchase of clothing is done online only from . The has an online sales section a discount section. These discounted clothes are also of same quality as other clothing, and can be bought on considerable lower price. The discounts go up to 80% on these clothing in online . The shopping from online children wear stores makes the shopping simpler and easier and also speeds up the process of purchase. In addition, is also available in every major market, and also in every shopping mall which contains children wear stores of famous brands like catmoss and giny & jony. is getting immensely popular amongst kids for the wide range of clothes, which are available in these . also provides fun, amusement, and recreation to the visiting families with human made cartoons in the form of Donald duck and mickey mouse. Online and in malls are both suitable centers for . The provides seasonal shopping discounts as well for sales increase.

The main positive aspect of the is that they provide good quality clothing. When a family goes for shopping, they definitely visit , as kids are integral to a family. Children also ask themselves which is good and fulfills their demands. Therefore, the number of is increasing rapidly.

John McMalcolm

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The Secrete Behind Coccode Kids Clothes

The House of Coccode is a designer clothing label that offers an assortment of designer clothing for both infants and children of all ages. The label has more than 40 years of experience in the childrens fashion industry, working under the umbrella of Italian clothing company, Confezione Daniele. With its extensive background in producing clothes for children, you can be sure that
Coccode kids clothes are not just made from materials of the highest quality possible, but are also manufactured with love, care and attention to detail in mind. With Coccodes classic and durable designs, any purchase you make is sure to look stylish and great for many more years to come. With trends coming and going like the wind, your Coccode kids clothing are sure to be still fashionable when theyre worn by your next childmaybe even a grandchild!

Coccode prides itself for using fabrics of only the highest-quality for their collection of childrens and infants wear, ensuring that all their clothes are comfortable and treat the delicate skin of children with the utmost care. Indeed, comfort is something thats not missing in all Coccode clothing-line for kids, and your babies and little ones are sure to move around and sleep soundly as theyre embraced by the labels gentle touch.

Furthermore, Coccode has even made sure that all their clothes, apparel and other items are absolutely safe for infant use. The labels fabrics are manufactured using dyes that are certified to be children-safe; buttons are nickel-free to prevent unwanted skin reactions and cotton clothes are guaranteed to be organic anallergic.