Beautiful Yellow And Purple Wedding Flowers

So you have decided to get married and your colors for your wedding are purple and yellow. Some beautiful purple blooms that may be used for your wedding are the agropoli flowers, peruvian lilies, campanulas purple flowers, charmes lilies, and the dark blue dendrobium lavender orchids. These flowers are so beautiful and robust with color.

Now If you are looking for yellow flowers the mini sunflowers, alsmer gold yellow roses or the delicate golden gate yellow roses. Some other yellow flower favorites are yellow-tinted million star babys breath and miniature yellow carnations.

Some ideas for these awesome flowers would be to create a necklace of dainty blossoms which would leave your flower girls hands free to scatter your rose petals as she walks down the isle. This is great if you are having an outdoor wedding. The blooms can be worn as hair wreaths, headbands, bracelets or just nestled into sashes for your little flower girls. Some other pretty and manageable choices would include a floral ball or a pomander to loop around a tiny arm, whimsical flower hoops, or garlands of greenery. The garlands are finished with pretty bows that form carrying handles and may be used to hang garlands at the alter as decorations during the wedding ceremony.