Autumn Fashion Tight Pants Make you Thin Women

Preface: Almost every girl has a closet or more of the pencil pants, stovepipe skill it absolutely should not be underestimated, especially now that even the actress who like to wear pencil pants, clever mix so that the overall full fashion sense. You absolutely can not miss!

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Demonstrate an actress: Olivia Moon Olivia Moon (Olivia Munn) a young beautiful dress appeared in the streets of New York, lightweight chiffon blouses with small blue floral pencil pants, showing youthful Actress Demonstration 2: Emma Roberts Emma Roberts wore chiffon blouses with short tight black pencil pants, flat shoes lit red dress with black color, sexy little Luyao and plastic pants can expose women’s slender figure.

Actress Demonstration 3: Selena-Gomez Selena-Gomez wearing a black shirt jacket with black flat shoes, leopard pencil pants to show her wild, animal prints plain clothing with a single product is a good choice.

Actress Demonstration 4: Kristen Stewart “Twilight Girl” Kristen Stewart The low-key appearance dressed in dark gray pencil pants and black shoes, messy hair and wearing a white boyfriend shirt, effort will be tied to short-and V-neck T-shirt design to show sexy charm, leisure lazy and sexy perfect combination.

Actress Demonstration 5: Emma Stone Hollywood star Emma Stone wearing a white boyfriend wind shirt, loose upper body with a tight pencil pants is the smart choice, with black flat shoes will vary with the nature in the end, holding a cup of coffee is a good start to the day.

Actress Demonstration 6: Miranda Can children Freaky Miranda The child holding the dog walk in the street, wearing a denim shirt with black tulle semipermeable tight pencil pants and leopard flat shoes, casual dress in crepe and leopard backdrop of a single product show sexy still can not cover up with a simple charm of the goddess.

Actress with 7: Jagger Supermodel Jagger Mcqueen : skull shirt matches with a dark blue tight pencil pants, very handsome and stylish, eye-catching but not horror.

Actress Demonstration 8: Rossi Huntington Rossi Huntington upper body a drape shirt, chest bow is sexy cute. Printed pencil pants a clever blend of fashion elements, is also very good modification of the legs, so that the proportion of more coherent whole.

Actress Demonstration 9: Victoria Victoria Beckham with a black long-sleeved T-shirt under a simple pencil pants, the highlight is a very fine one pair of high heels feet, a simple outfit still have Fan.

Actress Demonstration 10: Taylor Swift Taylor blue and white striped T-shirt with a big red pencil pants, showing off slender legs, country singer fashion skills extraordinary, so that the already meters in height, she more supermodel figure!

Tights with autumn Recommended: skinny pants + short Pullover Comments: short section of the pullover design, dark green color is very special. Plaid pants with high waist, was able to instantly with a simple elongated body proportions.

Feet pants with autumn recommendation: skinny pants + white shirt Comments: The pink color is very eye-catching, with a white shirt and suit, with a red and white color is fresh and stylish.

Feet pants with autumn recommendation: skinny pants + blue shirt Comments: black skinny pants with a blue shirt, OL commuter equipment necessary.

Feet pants with autumn recommendation: skinny pants + Polka Dot Shirt Comments: Polka Dot print shirt, retro stitching collar, highlight the personality. With black skinny pants and black retro package, to create a black retro dress.

Feet pants with autumn recommendation: skinny pants + Plaid Shirt Editor Comments: This plaid shirt very autumn atmosphere, with feet pants, rolled up trousers casual fashion.

Feet pants with autumn recommendation: Striped Pullover feet pants + Comments: black and white striped style, very classic fashion. With black high waist pants feet, elongate body proportions. Unique design high-heeled shoes with red shoulder bag, charm alone significantly.

Feet pants with autumn recommendation: skinny pants + fine grid chiffon shirt Comments: Black and white fine grid chiffon shirt, with black feet pants, casual cool. England brown shoes, to create a different kind of college wind.

Feet pants with autumn recommendation: skinny pants + black chiffon shirt Comments: black chiffon shirt with black pants feet, the same black boots, to create stylish handsome black look. The dark green hand bag played a finishing touch. Don’t worry about the cost, you can wholesale cheap clothing from China, there are many kinds of cheap clothing for chosen online

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