Tattoo Removal Has Beef with Smoking

Tattoo Removal Has a Beef with Smoking

Smoking poses a lot of problems for people who want things out of life besides another puff. As we know, smoking causes cancer, heart disease, yellow teeth, permanent odor in fabrics of clothes, cars, and homes, and many other things; however, did you know that smoking affects your skin as well? Well, it does. Your skin becomes looser because the ingredients in the cigarettes decreases blood flow to connective tissues in the skin. It has also been discovered that the ingredients in cigarettes also make the skin more vulnerable to UV light.

Why does this matter for laser tattoo removal ? Well, because of quite a few reasons.

1.Smokers often have less effective results from laser tattoo removal. This is because the skin is not as healthy and so the skin does not respond to the laser as well as healthy skin. See, when the laser penetrates the skin and hits the dermis layer (the layer beneath the top layer, or epidermis), it breaks up the pigment in the ink and then the skin removes the dead ink and moves it to the bloodstream where it is disposed of. If the skin has been harmed by tobacco, then it takes a lot longer for the skin to remove the ink from the dermis layer of skin, if it does at all; sometimes the affected skin is only capable of removing part of the broken up ink. 2.Smoking ages the skin and this poses a problem for laser tattoo removal because older skin does not behave well with the procedure. Older skin is not as adaptive or receptive to change and so it does not want to move the ink from the dermis layer of skin to the bloodstream and so the tattoo tends to take a lot longer for removal.

If you decide to get a tattoo and especially tattoo removal, consider cutting out the cigarettes or at least be aware of their impact on the skin and how that will in exchange impact the tattoo or tattoo removal process. This article is not meant to try and get the world to stop smoking but rather let people know additional impacts of smoking on their bodies and in regards to something not many people realize. Do your research, my friends!

Funny Wedding Vows Ideas

Looking for funny wedding vows ideas? Who said wedding vows are supposed to be serious and traditional? You can be unique and modern by choosing a funny humorous vow to stand out and make your wedding more memorable.

You know how many people choose the same old ordinary vows that makes it look like tens of other wedding ceremonies you have already been to. Don’t you think it makes it boring? How about you make your special day more fun and memorable?

The good news is, you can choose a funny wedding vow that brings a warm smile to everyone’s face. You can make a promise about your love and marriage to your beloved partner, while adding a smile to it.

Here are a few helpful tips to write your own Funny Wedding Vow…

1. Just Be Yourself

You know it’s so obvious when someone is “trying” to be funny by doing or saying something out of their character? It usually is not funny at all, right?

So when writing your own funny vow, keep in mind that you can simply add a touch of humor while still being YOU. It will sound more real and funny. Trust me.

2. Say What You Want with a Touch of Humor

A funny wedding vow is very simple actually. You just say whatever message you wanted to say in a normal traditional vow, plus a touch humor to it.

So simply write down the overall message you’d like to share with your partner on your special day, and then think of funny ways to add a touch of humor to it and make him/her smile. It’s easy.

3. Show Your Vows to Your Close Friend

It is always helpful to get a second opinion about your written vow. So why not show it to your best friend and see what he/she thinks. Maybe you will get a helpful idea from them to improve it and make it as perfect as you want it to be.

Good luck on your big day!

Hairstyles & Hair Ideas for Clubbing

Outrageous skin baring outfits arent the only way to get noticed during a night on the town, whether youre at Pure in Las Vegas or at the club down the street. If you want to break out of your boring hair rut and make an entrance worthy of an A-list celeb, there are dozens of ways to do it. Expreiment with a dark Goth image, a wispy, playful emo cut, or create your own clubbing do. Heres a rundown of some of the wildest styles on the big city club scene.


Your imagination is the limit with punk hair. Worn with spikes, wild colors and mohawks for that outrageous night out, the key lies in the cut, not the color. Usually short and spiky, punk cuts can also feature hair cut long on one side and short on the other or one side of the head shaved clean. The mohawk and all its variations, including liberty spikes and the fanned hawk, in which the strip in the middle of the head resembles a fan, remains a favorite of adventurous teens and twenty-somethings.

To add a crazy tint to your punk style, try brush-on colors with products like Streekers. Apply colors with a wand to the strands you want, then remove them when you shampoo. This is a great way to get multicolored braids or sections of hair without time-consuming or sloppy dyes or sprays.


Short “Mod” Hair

Think about all those bright wild fashions in the “Austin Powers” movies-with hairstyles to match. The short geometrc hairstyles made famous by models like Twiggy and seen on hundreds of dancers in TV shows, these simple, angular cuts are geared to bone-straight hair. Revisit them for clubbing by putting a modern twist on them, ala the Posh Spice bob.

Long “mod hair” works well on teens and twentysomethings. Usually worn straight, you may add wave wiith curlers or a curling iron depending on the length.

Bouffants and Beehives

A 1950s or 1960s theme night at a club brings in all kinds of retro hairdos, includings the bouffant and the beehive. Of course, the Amy Winehouse version is in vouge now, but the troubled songstress wasnt the first to perfect the look.

Leather jacketed rocker gals championed the look in the 50s and First Lady Jackie Kennedy brought the bouffant look into the mainstream in the early 1960s. Achieve the beehive look by using a combination of different size rollers and sectioning the hair from front to back. The large curls required huge hair rollers secured with bobby pins. Clairol hot rollers or the drugstore bought soft rollers (yes, they still make em). The Amy Winehouse bouffant is simpler. Just section the hair and clip on a hairpiece to the crown of the head.

GOTH (The “Goth” look)

Hair color really makes a difference with Goth hair. This genre, characterized by deep black and burnished red colors, lends itself to longer hair, intricate braiding and the occasional choppy or spiky style.

If youre going out to a Goth or “industrial music” club, youll need a hairstyle that complements the PVC, leather or vinyl favored by patrons of such clubs, and longer hair just looks better with most of those outfits. Try browsing Goth music or fashion sites to get ideas for potentials hairstyles. If you dont have time to braid your own hair, try Sally Beauty Supply or other stores for clip-ons.