Aletta Kids Clothes

Thanks to 3 decades of experience in the business, Aletta Childrens Clothes are renowned for their manufacturing of superb garments specially made for babies and childrens delicate and soft skin. Aletta uses nothing but fabrics of the highest quality on all their clothes and products, which are exclusively put together in their own factory in Tuscany, Italy. Each product and clothing item goes through the experienced hands of experts who then scrutinize the clothes and shoes carefully to ensure quality and durability. And because
Aletta specializes in childrens wear, all products are made with love and care in mindsomething every child should get plenty of.

Made from ultra-soft fabrics and combined with excellent craftsmanship, Aletta clothings boast of having some of the best collections for toddlers and kids. Alettas line of signature childrens wear is known for exuding a classic feel thats very reminiscent of Italian fashion. Emphasis is placed on styles that will last for many years to come, making Aletta a perfect choice for those who want to stick to the basics of childrens clothes instead of riding the wave of todays fashion trends.

As the years pass, trends are guaranteed to come and go as they please.
Aletta clothing-line on the other hand, have that charming classic look that make them wearable 10, even 20, years from now. And thanks to its quality Italian craftsmanship, youre likely to hand them down to future children of yours or to those of your loved ones.

Aletta childrens apparel includes a wide array of dresses, coats, blazers, sweater sets, jackets and more. The designer label also has a collection of infants clothes, such as booties, christening clothes, hats, dresses, shirts, mittens and more.