Actress’s Dressing Styles after Fashion Week Spring 2014

Sometimes the unspoken rules of fashion are very simple, the bigger star, can get the latest design easier. Therefore, whether stars can be hot, see which season’s apparel they are wearing. We know that Fashion Week Spring 2014 is ended in October, then there are numerous stars can’t wait to try the new clothes, which is not only testing stars’ status, but also their taste. After all, even the most cattle luxury nor a series of pieces are suitable for you, but the strength of internal and external alike big test!

Actress Natalie Portman absolutely is popular in the fashion circle, her fashion sense has always been sought after by all the brands, and she has Dior perfume endorsement in hand, so she’s easy to wear the latest series is in attendance. “Thor 2 “premiere in London, she chose Dior’s 2014 new estimated in order to highlight her special status, she change the short dress into long one, in fact, that make her look shorter, really rather not change ! She makes me think about a Korean fashion actress who is short but her matching style just make people like her, I remember her same is Song Hye Kyo.

Are former child star, little witch Emma Natalie, her fashion road actually experienced all sorts of exploration. Finally, under Burberry’s Christopher Bailey tune, really degenerates into fashion Icon. Hermione cut it in her iconic long curly hair, a wizard-like idol born, immediately become the new darling of the various brands. When she was attending the “gravity” of the New York premiere, selecting the J. Mendel’s 2014 spring and summer series, minimalism for petite she is, indeed complement each other.

Lady Gaga is always make surprise style to us, Ma Ying-jeou last show ostrich Mao Yuguan also brought a show, this clothing is really only can be used on stage. Wearing this, makes her body imbalance and handicap card in the compartment.

Hailee Steinfeld attended the “Ender’s Game” premiere in Los Angeles, chose Saint Laurent2014 spring and summer series, asymmetrical tops and pants are lined playful touches her.

In another his film “Romeo and Juliet” premiere in New York, Hailee Steinfeld chose Prabal Gurung’s 2014 new work, have to say, this choice a bit small minority, too young to manage the design, not to mention this wrap dress style also let her plump exposed.

“Gossip Girl” in the Queen S Blake Lively although episodes after the end nothing to show for work, but its Fashion Icon status survived. She chose Balmain2014’s new work, revealing a delicate collarbone, rounded shoulders and slim waist. In short, it’s emphasizing all personal advantages, years of fashion education really did not in vain.

Kate Bosworth’s husband is her director. In her new film of Big Sur was premiering in New York, she chose Christopher Kane’s new work, and she just got married in this year, she has sketched out a black sexy curves, does have a bit charming Jiao wife taste.

England Icon Alexa Chung has been to get the boy style favored by the fashion industry. Handsome suits are her best choice, also from Christopher Kane2014 spring and summer series, British chic as always.

Supermodel Poppy Delevingne is also famous British Icon. Of course, she was the spokesman for Chanel and Versace. The British designer is always a kind of dedication for a small minority designer, she chose British wit Matthew Williamson’s new work is expected, but check this piece Look of Season will definitely be proof of good taste it.

Rooney Mara ever since “Dragon Tattoo Girl”, the idol of a new generation of young people, especially her unique rebellion style get some sense of the full brand design favored, such as this year’s hot Proenza Schouler, along with a strong designer style known, so when she attended the “she” is selected when the New York Film Festival premiere of the opening of the Proenza Schouler2014 series Look, a little bit significant short, but the overall style Hold live. How to find these kind of dresses? You can search it in google with the keywords by wholesale fashion dresses, then there are many choices.