Beachwear – Suitable For Any Beachside Party Or Wedding

Be it a causal laid off evening or a fun filled party or a beachside wedding or just a relaxed evening with friends, beaches are surely a paradise to unwind yourself. Beach wear is a costume which you need to wear while going to the beach. Cool and smart beach wear adds to the mood and enjoyment. Beachwear is different from swim wear. You can swim in a beach wear but these are certainly not the appropriate clothing for swimming. Beach wear falls between a swimwear and full body costume. Trunks for men and bikini for women fall in both the categories of swimwear and beachwear.
In many coastal regions people are always ready to go to the beaches. They wear such clothes which can readily be transformed into beachwear. Nylon fabric is usually used to make beachwear. Basically the fabric has to be of waterproof material and which dries faster.
Beach parties, weddings are very common in the coastal region. Now what to wear for these occasions is a very important question. The clothing should be smart as well as appropriate for the occasion. Its always a good idea to always refer to the invitation card in case any dress code is specified. If not, then please do not over do yourself. For a wedding try to dress up formally but not over the top and use your beachwear as your innerwear so that if you need to unwind after the party, you can just slip off your formal clothes and enjoy the beach.
Not only parties and wedding, while going on a vacation also beachwear is a must in your luggage. It is always a good idea to carry a couple of beachwear while going on a sea side vacation. Flaunt the best of your beach attire during these vacations. There are plenty of shops from where you can buy beachwear. Many designer labels are also available in this range. Beachwear comes in all price range. From expensive to cheap, all options are available.
Bikini is although the most famous beachwear for women. Bikini is usually a two piece costume either joined or in two different pieces, covering the upper and the lower body. These come in attractive and beautiful design and patterns. These are very elegant and comfortable and appropriate for a beach vacation. Beach wear for men are also stylish and trendy and comfortable to wear. Beachwear is also available for kids, these are trendy and are available in all vibrant colors. These are heat and water resistance.

Where to Look for Cheap Clothes

Dressing well does not have to cost too much although clothing can often cost a lot for the budget-conscious. It is possible to look for good, simple and cheap clothing only if you know where to search and shop for them. Also if you are able to sacrifice in terms of top line fashions, you can find the best clearance clothing online.

Thrift shops

One of the best ways to find cheap clothing is at thrift shops. If you look around the town or in the yellow pages, there are perhaps a number of them in your locality. Certainly, the clothes you find in these shops have been used, but they are still worth buying as they are in good condition and available for a few dollars.

Friends and Family

Exchanging old clothes with family and friends is another great idea to get some quality clothes absolutely free. If you wish to get rid of your wardrobe, give them to your family and friends who need them. Similarly, if there is a bunch of clothes that do not fit your kids anymore, give to those kids who can fit them. You can ask others to do the same.

Bargain Section and Online sites

There are plenty of online stores that have a bargain or sale sections on their site. You can easily grab some great deals by visiting these bargain sections. Thus for a couple of bucks, you can find some decent clothes for yourself.

Cheap Stores

There are some stores that are quite cheap to begin with. However, you may have to sacrifice quality to find some decent clothes. But if you spend quality time searching around, you may be able to find some really good stuff.

Closeouts and Clearance

Keep a close watch in your local newspapers for clearance sale or closeouts in your favorite local stores. You can purchase some decent and good stuff when the prices slash by fifty percent or more.


Ebay is one auction site where you can find a range of decent and cheap clothes. Everything from Gap to Gucci can be found on your favorite site at very low prices.

The Bargainist

Keep a close watch on the Bargainist for the hottest deals and sales. This can help you to grab the best offer.

Take Benefit of Holiday Promotions

Many stores offer reduced shipping rates or discounts around high-traffic times or holidays. For example, you can look for cheap women’s clothes around Mother’s Day and cheap men’s clothing around Father’s Day. Generally the left over merchandise is priced down even further after these sales. Though there may not be much choice, but you can look for some selected pieces in further slashed prices.

You can find a range of decent and cheap clothes, Cheap Shoes on our favorite site at very low prices

Types Of Womens Shoes

Trends in womens shoes seem to come and go so quickly these days, blink and youll miss them, but there are also lots that stay around and become shoe staples as well as those womens shoe styles that will never go out of fashion.

Here is a guide to the different types of popular womens shoes and how you can wear them.

Ankle strap shoes
Ankle strap shoes come in lots of different designs and is more of a reference to a design feature that is a strap around the ankle. They can be court shoe style, wedge or usually a sandal and offer a comfortable fit with the ankle strap. If you are petite or have short legs you should avoid ankle strap shoes because they cut you off at the ankle and make you appear shorter.

Court shoes
A classic style of shoes that features a full shoe design and back, court shoes usually have rounded toes but are also sometimes peep toes. One of the most popular and versatile types of shoes with a wide-ranging availability of colours and styles that work for many occasions.

A traditional style of slip on shoe that comes in either flat or high heel styles, mules have made a big comeback to the footwear fashion in recent years with the clogs trend. Their key feature is the open back and the toe can either be open or closed.

Platform shoes
This refers to the sole of a shoe rather than the type of a shoe and features a thick sole, usually of approximately 1 inch and is often seen on a variety of shoes including courts, sandals and many more. Platform shoes are design to make higher heels more comfortable to wear and walk in and also elongate the legs.

Shoe boots
Shorter than an ankle boot but taller than a shoe, shoe boots (also known as shooties) hit the catwalks last year and are now a firm favourite among the footwear trends. They finish below the ankle and come in an array of styles from the flat to the high heeled and look great with leggings and jeans for all and with skirts and dresses for taller women.

A popular style of shoes that comes in a big choice of styles and is defined by an adjustable strap around the back of the ankle for excellent fit and comfort. Lots of slingback shoes are sandals or peep toes and work for so many occasions and for all women regardless of height.

The traditional high heel, stilettos are actually defined by the heel style which is tall and thin. Usually reserved for special occasions, stilettos give that much longed for extra height but are not known for their comfort as many lack a platform sole and are all about that striking heel.

Gladiator sandals
Gladiator sandals first came into the footwear trends a couple of years ago and now look like their set to stick around. At first they included styles that went up the legs but they seem to have settled down to more versatile styles like black and brown leather gladiator sandals or those with stud detailing. They really easy to take from day to night and work with lots of recent clothing trends like denim, floral prints and maxi dresses.

Another recent footwear trends, brogues are in fact a formal mans shoe with a cut out design and like other androgynous fashions, they have been brought to the forefront of womens fashion. Womens brogues are so easy to wear and combine comfort and practicality with a fashionable look; team with skinny jeans, leggings or floral playsuits.

A style of shoe where the heel and sole are connected, wedges are one of the biggest footwear trends of the past few years after the bohemian look was big. Wedges usually have a thick platform sole and the design makes them very comfortable to wear and walk in and the beauty of them is that they also go with lots of different outfits.

Why Indian men love voluptuous women

The Indian man has always harbored fantasies of full bodied voluptuous women like Madhubala, Hema Malini, Madhuri Dixit, Zeenat Aman, Kajol. Kareena Kapoor may be size zero and pencil slim, but the average India would always love the big breasts of Ayesha Takia or the voluptuous Amisha Patel. Baby making big hips of women like Riya Sen, Katrina Kaif, Sushmita Sen and south Indian beauties like Namitha Patel or Anushka Shetty are always admired by Indian men. India has always been enamored by full figured women who look well fed and strong, at the same time feminine and graceful. Voluptuousness is associated with sensuality and womanhood. Suraj from Delhi says, “I love Namitha Patel’s figure because she looks like a woman to me”. Nisha a woman from Kanpur agrees, “When I put on little weight, my boyfriend goes bonkers over me” Alok from Madras is zestful when he says, “Give me Katrina’s hot figure anyday over the stupid Kareena thin figure”

Models and supermodels are supposed to be slim to the point of being anorexic. Indians however has been traditionally lovers of the voluptuous figure. That is the reason why mostly Bollywood women and women on television are on the voluptuous side, even the lot who were slim during their modeling days like Tanushree Dutta or Lara Dutta tend to put on a little weight when they are in the main-stream entertainment business. A curvaceous figure is also associated with fertility (baby making hips) though it has not been scientifically proved. d.

V.S.ARUNRAJ, in his entertaining blog Hot Girls of Bollywood gives a low-down on some of the most beautiful and glamorous babes of Bollywood.

Wedding Invitation Cards Buy Designer Or Exclusive Wedding Cards At Low Prices

In Indian society, a wedding or a marriage is considered auspicious and the custom of sending wedding invitation cards is also a traditional and holy affair. One, therefore, must select the best designs before finalizing the choice. Internet offers you the opportunity of buying cheap wedding invitations and exclusive wedding cards at very affordable prices. Though, you can always buy wedding cards from an onsite designer, most people these days prefer to put their money on online designers because of convenience and variety. Since, all reputed and top-class card designers are now operating through websites, you can be rest assured of finding the dream wedding card you were looking for.

Cheap wedding invitations: Wedding invitation cards come in a huge range of design and price. In Indian society, marriage is a big affair and can be a burden on your pockets. Even the printing of bulk wedding cards can be pretty taxing. Hence, some reputed online designers offer their services at rock-bottom price. If you are looking for cheap wedding invitations, then you can find the most attractive cards at very low prices on the net. There is intense competition on the web world which results in lowering of prices. Also, the web-based card designers crave to create a permanent niche in the market and keep their prices low in order to attract clients. But no compromise is done with the quality of the cards. Hence, you are always in a win-win situation.

Exclusive wedding cards: There is an unlimited range of wedding cards to browse through. In terms of colors, designs and themes, you will find innumerable options that will satisfy your senses and please your pockets. You can also order exclusive wedding cards and customize them to suit your taste. The cards can be designed with details of your preference regardless of the fact whether you are a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh or Jewish. Whether you want the card to be simple and chaste or grand and appealing, you can order any type of card and it will be designed that way at very reasonable price.

A few words also need to be said on the professionalism of the web-based card designers. They are extremely dedicated and diligent and take personal care to make sure that the delivery is made speedily so that clients are not hassled or inconvenienced. Prices are very low and the quality of cards is unquestionably high. Customized cards, exclusive wedding cards and designer wedding cards are also available.