Top Indian Wedding Planners

To make best wedding planning is really very hard work. Even more so if you don’t live in India! If youre not getting wedded at a luxury hotel that will organize your wedding for you, its a very good idea to hire a wedding planner in India to manage the arrangements.
But if you will hire a professional wedding planner then it will time saving and you will feel tension free. Not only will a wedding planner take care of the decorations, they’ll facilitate the composite legal requirements as well.There are a number of quality wedding planners in India to choose from. Commonly, they organize beach weddings in Goa and palace weddings in Rajashtan.
Some of the most popular wedding planners are:
Weddings and Dreams
One of the most renowned and well established wedding planners in India, Weddings and Dreams arrange elaborate weddings in Goa. Traditional Indian weddings, Goan Catholic weddings, and weddings for foreigners are all offered. Basic beach wedding packages start from $225. Visit their website for downloadable brochures of weddings, wedding venues, and extras.
Wedding Planners Goa
Wedding Planners Goa organize smaller scale theme weddings in Goa for foreigners and Non Resident Indians. Specialties Indian style weddings, beach weddings, and Christian weddings. Visit their website for photos and details of wedding packages.
Golden Aisle
Golden Aisle organizes small sized wedding for foreigners in Goa, including “no frills” sunset beach weddings (traditional or Indian style) with or without legal registration. They offer a complete range of wedding services, including invitations and wedding outfits, and are flexible in putting together a package to meet client needs.
Regal Weddings
The acclaimed Regal Weddings specializes in organizing lavish weddings in palace locations throughout Rajasthan, as well as beach venues in Goa and Kerala. All sized weddings are catered for from two people, to large scale weddings. Locations include the magnificant Fort Fateh Garh in Udaipur, Devigarh Fort Palace near Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Gajner, and Samode Palace near Jaipur. Beach wedding packages start from $2,500. An extensive list of wedding packages and photos are available on their website.
Marry Me
Based in Mumbai, Marry Me Wedding Planners take care of the arrangements for weddings of all sizes and budgets, particularly in Mumbai and Goa but also across India. They cater for both foreigners and Indians, with weddings of all faiths and cultures. The initial consultation with Marry Me is free, then a professional planning fee is charged. The company also has a useful wedding blog.

Choose the right clothes to match the sport boots

In this cold winter days, a pair of beautiful and fashionable boots is very essential. But in this season, a new style of sport boots will walk into your eyesight. This kind of sport shoes can be of individuality, fashion and practicability.

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The high heels of these sweet boots frighten the ladies when they want to do some exercise. After all, we can’t run with the high-heeled shoes. But if you choose the common sport shoes, the cold weather also will lower your interests in sports.

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Sexy celebrity dresses for all body types

Every time we watch important events like Golden Globes, Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Emmys etc. we’re amazed by the beauty of the celebrity dresses worn by the singers and actresses. Most of the times, these celebrities are dressed in long frocks because they’re taking part in an official gala. Thus, the gowns must be elegant, glamorous and sexy. No one wants to see a dull dress, so every star must make sure to add something special to that stunning outfit: a positive and confident attitude, a set of exquisite jewels, a pair of expensive shoes and an elegant purse that matches the dress. Also, it would be quite embarrassing to see the same dress on 2 different celebrities, so being unique and original is a must at these types of events. In order to stand out of the crowd, some celebrities choose to wear sexy celebrity dresses. >

Wearing such gowns really makes a statement and allows the wearer to feel unique and attractive. The short, sexy celebrity dresses are meant to be eye – catching and to draw everybody’s attention. They’re usually worn at cocktail parties and after parties, but some dare to wear them at big events. Sometimes, when they really know what frock to choose and how to wear it, they can make a good impression because the short gowns can also be elegant.

The sexy celebrity dresses are extremely glamorous and impressive when they’re accessorized with some very high heels. This way they show off the legs and the perfect figure that most of the celebrities have. When wearing these types of gowns, the accessories and jewels are a must. The only exception is when the gown is too glamorous or too embellished. In this case, it’s not wise to overload it and distract the attention from what it really matters: the whole assemble. So, most of the times, a delicate bracelet or a pair of nice earrings can make a miracle. Also, most of the times the celebrity dresses show a lot of cleavage. So, a beautiful necklace might work.

Some of the celebrities who wore sexy celebrity dresses are Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Emma Roberts and Nicky Hilton. They have slim silhouettes and they look great in everything they wear. Yet, the short gowns make them look even sexier. So, choose to wear short frocks if you know you have a perfect body that can be showed off.

Wrist Tattoos The Ultimate Guide For Wrist Tats

A wrist tattoo gives you complete freedom of expression in a really unique and individual way. Wrist tattoos are coming into popularity but not overexposed. Any word, phrase, or image that appeals to you can usually be tattooed on your wrist, so the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Wrist tattoos are so popular for a lot of reasons. They are small (hence, inexpensive), showy, one-of-a-kind, and versatile. You can express whatever you want with a wrist tattoo. If you get one, youd better be okay with being the center of attention. Wrist tattoos are incredibly easy to spot, and youre sure to be asked all about why you got it, when you got it, and how it felt.

Youre probably curious about the pain level as well. Tats are not a walk in the park, but your skin adjusts after the few five minutes and then its not so bad. People say it feels similar to bee stings, pinching, or sunburn. Not only does it vary by individual, but by the size and location of the tattoo. Its not as painful to tattoo a fleshy part of the body as it is to tattoo thin skin over bones. So a wrist tattoo will probably hurt more than other types of tattoos, but it wont be for long.

Wrist tattoos come in three basic varieties: the wraparound tattoo, the top of the wrist, or the inside of the wrist. The wraparound or bracelet style is a popular choice, inspired most likely from the bicep armbands higher up on the arm. There are a lot of creative possibilities for this kind of tattoo. Tattoos on the top of the wrist are much more visible. In fact, other than the hand or face, theyre probably the most prominent location for a tattoo. Inner wrist tattoos are unique and bold. They suggest vulnerability or a heartfelt sentiment, so they are popular places to tattoo meaningful words or phrases.

Always remember the prominent location of your wrist tattoo when youre thinking about getting inked. Youll run into situations in your life when youll want to conceal your tattoo for prudences sake. Sometimes your workplaces dress code even requires that no tattoos be visible, so it may even be necessary for you to be able to cover up your tattoo. It goes without saying that you shouldnt get a tattoo that you arent proud to have and show off, but that doesnt mean that youll never have situations in your life where you dont want them to be visible.

Tattoo, an Art or Ad

Tattoo, as a body art, has been long used throughout history for many different purposes. In some cultures, tattoos have been used as the symbol of authority while in other cultures been used to give mystical powers or abilities. Lately in modern times, they have been popularly used in many countries as a form of self-expression. However, another use of tattoos has recently come up as a more commercial use than an individual use. That is, many people have used tattoo body art to advertise their website or business.

During the end of the 1990s and into this decade, tattoos have first become wildly popular among many sports stars and celebrities who have well-known tattoos on their body. After seeing this trend, certain businesses are preparing to use tattoo as a form of promotion their business. It has been done by tattooing the name of a company or a brand on people’s arm, leg, or other part of body. This results in free advertising for the company who sells the product and the product brand. But why are tattoo advertising so popular?

First, people tend to better remember things that they have seen in weird places. Seeing a coke logo tattooed on some guy’s stomach would probably leave more of an impression in your mind than seeing it on a generic billboard.

Second, since getting tattoos costs money and are many times painful, people may think that someone who tattoos a product onto themselves really believes in that product. Celebrities’ tattoos have higher advertising value as many of them have well-known tattoos that people are often curious about, adding another tattoo with the logo of a company or product could make the celebrity a walking commercial. And you can commonly see many celebrities wearing many glitter temporary tattoos of a company logo or brand as temporary tattoo can be washed off after the commercial activity and with no pains.

Tattoo advertising can be seen anywhere but it is still a great way to advertise your business or brand. So before deciding to invest in such advertising, you’d better be best served researching your target demographic and deciding whether tattoos are popular within that group of people. While for some groups, it may be a good model of advertising, for most, tattoos should be kept as an art of self-expression.