Dunlop Bags, From Classic Crack Contrast To The Over Flap Mens Fashion Messenger

Dunlop bags come in a pretty good range of styles and colours, so here is a run down of the current mens fashion collection. Cooler than Natalie Portmans cool bits and deeper than Roman Abramovics pockets, theyre one of the best satchels around. Theyve got more space than Dr Brian Coxs theoretical note pads and pockets like a wizards sleeve. In a nutshell, theyre the sac magic of man bags.

Distressed flight bag

Dunlops distressed flight bag is brown with cream piping and adjustable shoulder strap. The material is leather like with a faded look and feel to it that gets more raw over time. It has zip pockets on the front and on the inside, as well as a couple of side pockets for mobile phones and what not. As a flight bag, it comes in handy for the travelling souls, tucking away easily underneath the flight seat in front of you thats an inch too close to your knees for comfort.

It fits, in the least, one laptop, one laptop cable and international power adaptor, an iPod of any variety, as well as a shuffle for those of a miniature persuasion; one, maybe even two books, all of your flight documentation, your personal selection of prophylactics, a chunk of chocolate and peanut covered toffee, a pen, a pencil and maps for finding your way around when you get to where youre going to. You could probably squeeze in a compass and Swiss army knife too, but the latter wont do you any favours when it comes to getting through airport security.

Distressed mens fashion messenger bag

With the same leather look, distressed material as the flight option above, the Dunlop messenger bag gets its distinction from its satchel-like front flap. However, when the flap goes back, under the hood it has the same front and inner zip pockets and Velcro fastening side pockets. Its a little taller and narrower than the flight bag to give it space for more unusual shapes and sizes of documents and other articles of a messanger variety.

Diagonal contoured flight bag

Identical in size and features as the distressed flight bag, the Dunlop contoured flight bags big feature is its unusual design. It comes in either white on black or all black. The first is a bit more casual with the black background cross cut with a diagonal white lower section. Whereas the all black option is great for smarter occasions with both section in black, making it great with a suit.

Double white stripe flight bag

Again, sporting the same brilliant layout of the previous flight bags, the double white strip is a modern classic in the making. It comes in a range of colours, including black, light blue, burgundy and navy with the signature double white stripes running down its front left from the zip pocket. As its produced in a range of colours its got a lot of versatility in terms of catering to different tastes.

Essentially, there are quite a few designs to choose from, but however you look at it, Dunlop bags arent just for Christmas, theyre forever.

Star Wrist Tattoos Avoid These Dumb Mistakes If You Want A Killer Design!

Star wrist tattoos are absolutely awesome but time and time again, I see many people make the same old stupid mistakes when selecting the design of their choice. My displeasure with this situation have led to me write this article as a way of helping fellow tattoo art lovers avoid these dumb mistakes.

Mistake 1. Rushing into an awful tattoo.

Choosing the right star wrist tattoos can be hard because there are so many types to choose from. Therefore, you should not pick one in a hurry.

Ponder around for a few days; take your own sweet time, no need to rush – the tattoo shops will still be around even if you take months or years to make your decision! Remember, getting tattoos means that youll be inked for life so do not rush into getting a horrible tattoo!

Mistake 2. Cramming 10 sumo wrestlers into a Mini Cooper

How large is your wrist? I ask this question because I see a lot of people requesting for fancy star wrist tattoos complete with a photorealistic image of a lion standing over the star, dragons smooching the star, fairies and porcupines skateboarding together on the star and God knows what else.

Heres the news: You cant crammed all sorts of complex designs onto a small portion of the skin in this case your wrist. I equate this to cramming 10 sumo wrestlers into a Mini Cooper.

You must understand that the tattoo will age and if the size of the tattoo is small yet jam-packed with complex images, itll certainly look like crap after 5 years. So when it comes to tattooing the wrist, keep it simple.

Mistake 3. Not choosing the right methods when searching for tattoo designs on the web.

Avoid looking for star wrist tattoos on the web using normal search engine unless you love to have your wrist inked with bland, thousands-of-people-have-it artwork. I recommend two sources: online boards or tattoo databases.

The latter is the preferred option because they contain tons of one-of-a-kind designs which are updated regularly (they usually have several in-house artists updating the database), plus studio directories to help you find reputable artists near you.

Asian Hairstyles

There is a great variety of Asian hairstyles available for the person looking for one. Indeed, keeping in mind the vastness of cultures that consider themselves Asian, the number of Asian hairstyles to choose from is so huge that one can never quite explore all of them; and one actually has to just go with the Asian Hairstyle that offers something close to the look they desire.

When the idea of Asian hairstyles pop into the mind, most people tend to picture a very well groomed rocker. With the fringes and highlights, it is no surprise why. However, this is very misleading. Asian youth are usually the only ones who wear this kind of style. In fact, most Asian hairstyles are very trendy for many other reasons.

Like a number of western women, Asian women are curling their hair like never before. This is possible due to the excellent quality perm machines, which have the capability to curl the hair, which are almost resistant to change. This has opened a number of possibilities as even those who want to go with predominantly straight hair can just curl the ends for a different look.

These people are known for their long, silky and smooth locks that are flowing freely down their necks, underlying the gorgeous beauty and chic that are so natural for them.

But with all filming, photo shooting and constant change of their hair styles is it possible for them to have naturally long hair?

Changing your hairstyles to a new one is definitely a best way by which you can change your own looks and that too in less cost. Japanese hairstyles are really good looking and if you are planning for a haircut or getting a new hairstyles then you can go for these hairstyles. The best part of these hairstyles is that, no matter how you look, your face will really get a beautiful look with all the charm and attraction.

As for hairstyle, whether long or short – one thing is for sure, razor straight, one sided bangs leads the way. Another emo hairstyle would be the type where you dye your hair to a richer, darker shade of color. Usual colors are black (brunette), deep red, deep auburn or even black with streaks of pink will do the trick. Of course, blondes also have a say in styling and giving a new meaning to the emo hairstyle but bear in mind that the more natural and more vivid it looks, the better. Anything far from that is not considered emo anymore.

I learnt from my wife that the latest fad is always in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Singapore’s fashion and style lag behind by a season or two.

I am really shocked when crowds of women thronged the shopping floor during sales season, only to realise what they were purchasing are junks that other countries won’t want.

Anyway, ladies still sweep the shops clean while their boyfriends or husbands lined the entrance like part-time security guards for the shops.

Back to hairstyle, I am now convinced that men should take interest into what women like. Not all women, but at least what your girlfriend or wife like.

Latest Trend In Holi Clothes White Cotton Kurtis

Kurtis are as popular as Sarees among Indian women nowadays. Earlier, most Indian women had to choose between Sarees and Salwar Kameez but today Kurtis are a big hit among women from all sections of the Indian society. Starting from college going girls to working women or homemakers, Designer Indian Kurtis are widely chosen mainly because they are easy to wear and doesnt require much effort to manage unlike Sarees. Apart from a daily wear outfit or for parties and other social gatherings, Kurtis are usually picked for traditional Indian festivals too nowadays. Depending upon the nature of celebration of the festival, appropriate Designer Kurtis are commonly spotted on women.
Holi, like any other Indian festival, is enthusiastically celebrated by people all over the country. Moreover just like other festivals, Holi has its dress code too. However unlike other Indian festivals Holi is celebrated in rather simple clothes owing to the nature of its celebrations. White clothes on Holi are a must. Apart from White Sarees or white Salwar Kameez, white Kurtis are a popular pick on Holi by women. Many Indian women are comfortable in a pair of jeans and Kurtis, therefore for Holi one of the most common Holi clothes happen to be jeans paired with white cotton Kurtis. Apart from clothes worn by women during the celebrations, white cotton Kurtis are popular Holi Gifts as well. Holi Clothes are preferred to be affordable since it cant be worn again after Holi celebrations. Thus plain white Kurtis are perfect since it conforms to the dress code of the festival and are extremely affordable at the same time. Crisp white cotton Kurtis made of thinner varieties of cotton are great since they dry very easily and prevents the wearer from catching cold due to wet clothes. Besides plain white cotton Kurtis, cotton Kurtis in other light shades or featuring subtle printed or embroidered design are ideal too. Its not a good idea to pick a really beautiful or gorgeous embroidered Kurti since theres no chance of wearing it ever again. Instead of checking out embroidery or embellishments, its more important to ensure that the Kurti fits right and is comfortable to wear since thats what matters when it comes to Holi celebrations. Short white cotton Kurtis teamed with an old pair of jeans, capris or full length skirt look really trendy and are ideal for the lively Holi festivities. At the same time long white cotton Kurtis paired with Churidars or the contemporary leggings are best suited for Holi too as its trendy yet with an ethnic touch.

Alberto Martinez

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